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  • 2016 ABIE Awards at GHC
    2016 ABIE Awards at GHCby Faye ChengAs an emerging woman technologist, I find it extremely encouraging and motivating to have strong women leaders and role models who inspire me with their drive and passion in technology. The annual Anita Borg ABIE Awards celebrate the successes of such women, and highlights their outstanding achievements and contributions to the tech world. As I read through all of the profiles of ABIE Winners, I realize that there are countless inspiring women that have ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 04-10-16
  • GHC Accessibility
    Greetings!The saying goes that everything is bigger in Texas and the George R. Brown Convention Center is no exception.  The convention center falls just shy of 2 million square feet (over 167,000 square meters) spread over three levels.  It is in the heart of downtown Houston, making the ideal place for the projected 15,000+ Hoppers to gather.  While getting from point A to point B in such a large facility can seem daunting, there will be plenty of help available.Move!All ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 29-09-16
  • Blogging and Note Taking!
    Hey everyone,So I'm sure by now you've all had a chance to take a look at the schedule and see all the amazing tracks and talks that are coming up at the conference! But, you may also have realized that it's physically impossible to go to each and every talk from every track that you'd like to see.But never fear, we've got you covered! Every year the communities committee organizes hordes of volunteers to do blogging and note taking for all ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 22-09-16
  • GHC Venue
    Hello again!The GHC Venue this year is the same as last year, so you can definitely get some insider info on this one! The brunt of the conference will be at the George R. Brown Convention Center along with a few events at the Toyota Center. So, what should you know before you get there?Getting to the George R. Brown Convention CenterConference Shuttles: There will be shuttles to and from the George R. Brown Convention Center and the Toyota Center ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 20-09-16
  • The Low-down on Speaking at GHC16
    So you're speaking at GHC16. What do you need to know? How can you prepare to be the best you can be? How do you calm your nerves?!Although I wasn't lucky enough to have any submissions accepted to this year's conference, I have spoken at Grace Hopper before along with many other venues. Let me start by reassuring you that this is one of the very best places to present. I have rarely found a more wonderfully supportive audience.Let's get ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 13-09-16
  • GHC16 & (NoobTips | VolunteeringOpportunities | ScheduleExperiment)
    by Zaza SorianoNoob TipsI remember my first year attending GHC, I am too tired to calculate the exact year, but I remember that it was in Atlanta, GA and had maybe 0x07D0 attendees. Yet, I was still extremely overwhelmed. If it wasn't for being a hopper (one of the ladies (or men) you will see running around in red vests), I wouldn't  have talked to any one. As it was, I would go hide in my hotel room when I wasn't ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 08-09-16
  • Travelling to GHC!
    Hello all!I think it's quite ironic that I'm writing a post about travelling to GHC as I'm not actually able to attend the conference this year! But, I have done it quite a few times, so wanted to give you some tips!First off, flights there:Flights. Long haul or short haul, they're all stressful (well, they are if you're me). I do everything possible to try and make sure that my flight there will go as smoothly as possible from check-in ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 01-09-16
  • Ramping up for GHC16!
    by Zaza SorianoYou may be wondering why I am writing this post at 3am (EST). Well that's because, aside from the fact that I tend not to sleep much... it's that time of year again... GHC is around the corner (roughly 9 weeks away)!!This year I am the chair for the GHC Communities Committee (GHC-CC). We work with to help organize the volunteers and other small items for GHC. Last years info post can be found here: meet-our-2015-ghc-community-committee. I believe ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 23-08-16
  • Your Event Guide to Grace Hopper 2015
    I know, less than a week, AAAHH! I'm so excited too, and the more I see your reactions, even more excited I get! Another thing that increases inversely proportional to the time till #GHC15 is, the number of events!The GHC schedule is amazing, technically and socially mesmerizing, but it seems more awesomeness is on the way like previous years. Some companies, universities and special interest groups organize their own events and parties! So... I will try to be your party ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 09-10-15
  • Introducing Black Women in Computing
    A special thing happens when bright minds come together. Things work. New relationships are forged. Deals are made. The needle moves. This is the power of community—the power of Systers’ Affinities Communities. Here at the Black Women in Computing virtual offices, we’re laying the building blocks for what we hope will be the best GHC experience to date! Every day leading up to the 2015 GHC, we’ve been sparking our own imaginations about what is possible this year. From our ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 09-10-15
  • Introducing the Vietnamese Women in Computing
    One of our most recent additions to the Systers' Affinity Communities, Vietnamese Women in Computing will make their first appearance as an affinity group at this year's Grace Hopper Celebration next week!Started by Sophia Ngo and Anh Tu Quach, when Sophia was inspired by the work of other infinity groups at GHC14.  Sophia had heard about Anh, and kept trying to meet her in person, but alas, as is typical of any GHC - their schedules were so booked they ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 07-10-15
  • GHC15: My first time at Grace Hopper!
    Hello!!! My name is Chinaemere Ike. I am a sophomore Computer Science major at Texas A&M University! I am SUPER PUMPED to attend the Grace Hopper Conference once again this fall. Last year, I went as one of few freshman from my school which, I must say, was overwhelming yet exciting interchangeably.I remember landing in Phoenix, nervous as ever, waiting for our shuttle to take us to our hotel. The only thought running through my mind was "Am I good ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 05-10-15
  • Introducing Turkish Women in Computing
    Probably most of you have already heard about Systers, our community, and some related activities. But have you met our other communities for women in computing, such as NaWiC, LatinasIC, or TWiC? Let's meet with Turkish Women in Computing today!Turkish Women in Computing is a volunteer based community, which constructs a bridge between Turkish women in the field and Systers everywhere, working within of Women and Technology. It is a community that aims to unite women with STEM degrees ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 02-10-15
  • GHC15: Speakers – Making the Most For Your Audience
    GHC15 is right around the corner!  If you're speaking, I bet you're like me and rushing to put together your final slides.  You've seen the speaker guidelines and template, but the finishing touches are in your grasp.Here are my top ten tips for speakers for doing an excellent talk at GHC15:Are you doing a panel? As an audience member, I appreciate if you have at least one slide which is critical: one with names, pictures and affiliations of the panelists. ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 01-10-15
  • Online Communities are Why I’m Excited for GHC15
    I've attended almost every Grace Hopper since 2008.  The one exception was 2011, when I was too pregnant to fly.  I found an old blog post about enjoying the conference from afar, where I reflected about being sad to be missing out once the conference started.  Since I'll be missing this year as well, it's nice to re-read this:Fortunately, the very thing that I have worked so hard to make awesome when attending GHC in the past is allowing me ... Read the rest
    Source: GHC BloggersPublished on 29-09-15
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