Having a successful session at GHC – Tips & Suggestions!

Congratulations on being accepted as a Speaker at GHC!

Whether this is your first time presenting or if you are a seasoned pro, we want to make sure that you have a rewarding speaking experience. Our conference is evaluated by an external evaluator and the tips and suggestions put forth here are a compilation of the feedback we have received.


Picture this:  you are speaking to anywhere from 300- 1000+ attendees who have traveled from all over the world to learn and take something concrete out of your session. They are technical women from industry, academia and students who look forward to attending your session and using the takeaways when they get back. Think about these women, your audience, when you develop your session.


  • Speakers must arrive 30 minutes before the start of their session.
  • All speakers commit to speaking about the work for which they were selected to present.
  • Practice Practice Practice! The effort you put into preparing your GHC presentation,  has been shown to be a significant indicator of success, especially with Panels.
  • Use Women in Tech groups within your organization, Meetups, colleagues, friends and family to practice and time your session.
  • If you are part of a technical session, attendees are expecting to hear a robust highly technical conversation. Refrain from making this a career related discussion. Your audience who are women in computing will appreciate these technical conversations.
  • We encourage moderators and panelists to spend not more than 5 mins on introductions. This is time you are taking away from talking to your attendees.
  • We encourage moderators to ask relevant questions to a subset of their panelists to keep the conversation interesting. In other words, don’t ask everyone all the same questions.
  • We encourage the moderators and speakers to end their presentation and session summarizing the key takeaways for the attendees.
  • If you have been accepted to deliver a Presentation or a Lightning Talk, please respect the submission rules which clearly state that no tag-team presentations are allowed. This means that these talks are delivered by individuals. You cannot split the time with a colleague or invite a colleague up on stage to share your talk time.
  • If you have been accepted to deliver a Presentation or a Lightning Talk, please note the following duration guidelines. If your talk is 20-30 minutes long, please allot 5-10 minutes for a Q&A session. If your talk is less than 20 minutes, you will not have time for a Q&A session. Attendees can ask you questions during the break after your session is over.


AnitaB.org is committed to standards promoting  speech and expression that foster the  maximum exchange of ideas and opinions. The sessions at GHC are learning sanctuaries and we request you to respect this etiquette. We ask that:

  • All speakers commit to registering,  attending the conference and presenting as scheduled.
  • All speakers or Poster Presenters who register and are no-shows at the conference will be placed on a “No Invite” list and may be fined.
  • In the rare occurrence where a speaker or individual might create a public safety concern, or use GHC as a platform to promote irrelevant agendas, AnitaB.org reserves the right to escort the individual out, reschedule, relocate, or cancel the event.
  • The views expressed by the speakers are their own.
  • We request you not to bring any company swag into session rooms. You are welcome to hand them out at the Booths.
  • Please make sure that any hand outs that you provide to attendees are relevant to the session like worksheets and are not promotional materials.
  • If you have been accepted to deliver a Presentation or a Lightning Talk, please respect the submission rules which clearly states that no tag-team presentations are allowed. Failure to comply with the “no tag-teaming” rule (see above)  will result in escorting the individual out, rescheduling, relocating, canceling the session, or even the possibility of incurring a fine.


Imagine uploading your presentation today, walking into your session room on conference day and having your Presentation projected! This is the value of the centralized Speaker Ready Room service that we provide. More information about the Speaker Ready Room can be found here  -> http://gracehopper.anitab.org/speaker-ready-room-faq/

We are excited and look forward to meeting you at GHC 2015!