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קטגוריה: GHC15

GHC15: Attacks Presentations

Web Security: Thinking Like An AttackerSarah Chmielewski, Associate Technical Staff of MIT Lincoln LaboratorySoftware development focuses on the end user – performance, functionality and usability.  Lots of attacks happening against web based appl…

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GHC15: It’s Not Just the Pipeline: Why Fixing the Culture is Essential

I was drawn to the GHC15 session "It's Not Just the Pipeline: Why Fixing the Culture is Essential" after experiencing oh-so-much in my first three years as an industry professional.  Making it through a Computer Science major in college wasn't exa…

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Using Data Science to Increase Diversity in the Tech Workforce (Genetha A. Gray)

Intel hired a data scientist who is working on the hiring process. She has looked into the retention, new hires and diversity and developed a prediction model that given current representation, how many to hire, promote to reach the target goal. She wants to borrow ideas from economic forecasting and computational biology to build comprehensive […]

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Building Cross-Functional Teams to Create Innovative Data Products (Anu Tewary)

Overall thoughts on the presentation: Anu’s presentation is relevant to all teams working in data space and building products with a data driven focus. I looked her idea of having candidates interviewed by members from diverse backgrounds and cross roles. Her idea of pods is also interesting and coupled with cross pollination, it paves the […]

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Using Artificial Intelligence to Solve Complex Problems

Managing fraud, recognizing speech, and creating more autonomous robots are just three areas that use artificial intelligence to come to grips with complexity. In this panel, industry and academic experts Tara Sainath,  Lydia Kavraki, and Jin Zhang discussed how they … Continue reading

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GHC15: Identity and Privacy Presentations

Identity & Access Management: Who is Touching What?Laura Chapba, VP of Bank of AmericaLaura found herself with a 1.8 GPA and realized she should not be in pre-med. Major change to tech! Graduated with a 3.1 after LOTS of hardwork and then started h…

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GHC15: Thursday Keynote

Hadi Partovi, CEO and Cofounder at code.org.Hadi immigrated here after the Islamic Revolution in Iran. He learned to code on a Commodore 64, a gift from his dad.  But now he's looking at kids in high school in the US that do not have access to com…

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Hilary Mason – “all in one: Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, CEO, Entrepreneur and such a great speaker”

GHC15 first day main keynote speech was the perfect combination of tech, career advice, research questions while still keeping the discussion at a level accessible for everyone. Hilary Mason: “I am a Computer Scientist, Data Scientist, CEO ….

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GHC15: Crucial Conversations in Your Career

Speakers from the GHC15 Session:Jennifer WangSusanne LehmannWei WuWiki SummaryOfficial Description

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GHC15: Transforming the Culture of Tech

 Fran Berman notes that this is a really hard thing to do – transform a culture. Things are moving so fast – easy for things like diversity to become sidelined.Clara Shih, CEO and Founder at Hearsay SocialAttended her first GHC 10 years ago in Chi…

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