Improving your submission for GHC 2015!

One of our goals at the Grace Hopper Celebration is to give as many women as possible an opportunity to have this platform to showcase their work or research. The review process was made transparent at the time of submission and is of high integrity. However, this is a highly competitive conference and not all submissions can be accepted. The conference leadership has helped the community by compiling this list of some common reasons why submissions may be rejected –

  • Poorly written submission, reviewers are not provided enough information to be able to make a decision.
  • Your paper did not clearly highlight what your specific contribution was,  leaving the reviewer guessing what it might be.
  • Submitting a proposal that was put together in a hurry with no attention to detail.
  • Paper was an advertisement or self-promotion, did not show how the work would benefit the technical audience.
  • Topic is not relevant to the track CFP. For instance, career related content submitted to a technical track.
  • Multiple submissions on the same topic implying poor understanding of the correct format to submit your work.
  • No references or citations of the work that helps the reviewers distinguish a good idea from work that has been tried and tested. Inadequate link of findings to practice, failure to consider alternative explanations or unexplained inconsistencies.
  • The topic was potentially a rehash of established facts.
  • Your proposal includes an idea that you have not evaluated.
  • Your proposal includes results, but not enough details for others to repeat the process that you used to obtain those results.
  • Receiving a large number of good submissions on the same topic. In the interest of providing a balanced track and avoiding repetition, some high quality proposals may not make it into the final program.
  • Some topics are not as timely and fresh as others.
  • Lack of diversity in points of view that results in a biased discussion or repetitive conversation.

In order to improve, we encourage you to find someone on the conference leadership team from your organization. Work with them on organizing a Brown Bag session so you can learn how you submit a strong proposal next year. Participate in the coaching sessions that hosts during the Jan-March time frame when CFP is open.

We congratulate you on trying and invite you to take the feedback you received and submit to be part of GHC 2015!