Congratulations on your submission being accepted for this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing.  Make sure to share this news with your network!

The conference received a 32% increase in submissions compared to GHC 2014.  The process was highly competitive!


Confirm your participation in GHC 2015 on the GHC submission site!  You must confirm your participation and submit your conference ready materials no later than 11:59 PM Pacific Time on June 28th, 2015.


Conference ready materials are session information such as the title and description of the session and the names of people participating in them. They may also include photographs. This information will appear in the print program, on the GHC website and in other places so please pay attention to spelling and grammar.

Please read and follow these instructions carefully:

Session Guidelines:

Regardless of type of submission or the track you submitted into, be prepared to update your submissions with the following content (this includes posters):

  • Title – Maximum of 10 words including spaces
  • Name, affiliation and title for all presenters. Posters are only allowed one presenter.
  • A biography of no more than 100 words maximum (mandatory) and a photograph (optional) for the moderator and each presenter in your session
  • An abstract of the session content of no more than 70 words

Please use the following secure link to submit program materials by June 28, 2015: GHC submission site

Photo Instructions:

Photographs are optional and can be submitted when you submit your final program materials. They must meet the following specifications

  • FORMAT: Adobe Photoshop JPEG or TIFF
  • FILE NAME: Last_First, e.g., Hopper_Grace.jpg OR Hopper_Grace.tif


Once your program materials are submitted, you will need to make sure that you and your session presenters register for the conference and prepare your presentation in advance.  Please use the speaker template below and review the presentation preparation guidelines below. You will be able to upload your presentations beginning in September. For more information:

Speaker Template

Please use the designed PowerPoint template with the 2015 Conference theme. We ask that you use this template in its entirety for your panels, presentations and handouts. If you wish to add your company logo, feel free to do so but do not remove the Conference logos.

Presentation Preparation

The sessions at GHC are learning sanctuaries. Over 12,000 attendees will be traveling from over 50 countries and from all over the United States,  in order to learn from the speakers. We ask that you be mindful and talk about the work that you were chosen to speak about. Use the Women in Tech groups at your organizations, universities or communities to practise and refine your talk. Here is a summary of what you need to know to prepare for the sessions:

Birds-of-a-feather: Meet with your fellow panelists at least twice and make sure everyone understands their role. Do this at the earliest so you can practice and have a successful session

Presentations/Lightning Talks: Focus on your target research problem, proposed approach, any results, and evaluation plan.

Panels  and Workshops: Meet with your panelists and practice! We recommend you create an agenda and determine who will speak about the different parts of your presentation given the expertise of the people participating. Meet at least twice and make sure everyone understands their role. Practicing your presentation and getting familiar with the panelists will help you develop a successful session.

Poster Session: Please print and bring your poster with you to the conference.

  • Posters may be no larger than 4′x4′
  • Your poster will be displayed on a 4 foot x 8 foot corkboard space that you share with another presenter
  • There is only one presenter allowed per poster.
  • We will assign your space and will provide pushpins
  • A map of your location will be provided onsite
  • You will receive a special ribbon at the time of Registration that will allow you to enter the exhibit hall to setup your poster on Wednesday, Oct 14th.
  • Please be prepared to set-up your poster on Wednesday, October 14th from 9:00am – 2:30pm . You can chose to leave your Poster up till Friday, Oct 16th, 11 AM.
  • You can organize your space any way that you would like. You might want to use a single large page format or you may choose to have a number of separate pages posted in the space.
  • We will not have power or Audio Visual equipment available to the poster presenters due to the number of participants

ACM-Student Research Competition:

Students who were chosen to participate in the ACM-SRC will be reimbursed for some travel expenses of up to $500 and receive special recognition. This is not a grant – but rather, a reimbursement, so receipts above $25 must be provided and only certain types of expenses are included. A representative from ACM will be at the Poster Session to provide you with a packet explaining the reimbursement process and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Phase 1: For the first phase of the ACM Student Research Competition (SRC) judging will take place during the opening reception on Wednesday, October 14th. Students will give a short presentation to the Student Research Competition jury during a walk-through of the posters. The jury will then select a small number of students to move on to the semi-finals.

Phase 2:  The semi-finalists will now be required to give a 15 min formal PowerPoint presentation about their research on Thursday, October 15th. The winners will be announced at the Grace Hopper Awards Ceremony on Friday morning plenary.

Phase 3:  The winners of ACM SRC competition at the Grace Hopper Celebration will continue on to ACM’s SRC Grand Finals

Audio/Visual equipment provided:
We will provide a LCD Projector, Projector Screen, Lectern, Wired Lectern Microphone, 2 wireless handheld microphones, 1 standing microphone for Q&A.
If alternative and/or additional Audio/Visual equipment is desired, please contact us prior to conference start. Onsite Audio/Visual requests cannot be accommodated.

For more information:

Tips and guidelines at GHC:

Speaker Ready Room: