Gearing Up for GHC14

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve wanted to attend GHC and it’s finally happening! No need to say that I’m super excited and can’t wait to be there![I really hope I’ll be able to behave and not jump all over the Phoenix Convention Center] 

It’s D-28!

In the meantime, I’m preparing the trip and setting myself up for an amazing experience. If you are attending this year’s GHC, you are probably going through the same steps: booking your flight, hotel,… Here are some things that might be helpful :
1) Ground transportation from/to the airport
Options, pricing and contact info are included below. If you find someone to arrange ground transportation with, you can split costs!
  • Recommended shuttles
  • Average taxi rate from PHX (30$ to Downtown)
    • Taxis are available and waiting at the airport.  No advance booking is required, however, be aware of the cost.
  • Public Transportation

2) Tips for first time attendees

 3) Pick your sessions in advance
The schedule is here.  I’ve spotted some key sessions already but I wish I could be at two places at the same time…
4) Sign up to volunteer
Volunteering at GHC is a great way to network and share your experience with the world. Plus, it might change your life (Read Gail’s post here) . The deadline to be a GHC Community Volunteer is September 12, don’t miss this opportunity! You can help with tweeting, blogging and more. Fill out this form if you are interested. 
Many thanks to everyone who shared the above information with me.
If you want to share more tips or tell how you are preparing for GHC, feel free to drop a line!
Stay Great!
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