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#GHC15 Interview Prep 101

I thought I’d kick off this years’ blogs with something to help others prep for their Grace Hopper interviews!

The biggest and most important thing is to get your resume into the GHC resume database ASAP. Companies have already been given access to this database and I’m more than sure they’ve begun contacting potential interviewees. You would want to give companies as much time as possible to find you and begin the interview process.

Cassidy Williams (@cassidoo) has done a marvelous job at compiling some useful tips and I’m super excited to share them with everyone. The greatest thing about them is how extensive they are. 

Another super fun thing I’ve found recently that helped reinvigorate those database skills is sqlbolt. It goes over basic elements of a query and touches briefly on some intermediate query techniques. Take an hour or so and run through the tutorial. It’ll refresh those database skills you might be hit with depending on the role you are pursuing.

I like books. Got any book ideas?

Cracking the Coding Interview is a staple in the software engineering realm and offers insightful tips into how to approach different situations that may arise throughout an interview.

Help! I’ve never had a coding interview in my life and have no idea what to expect!

Last year I stumbled on these youtube videos because someone tweeted a link and began watching all of them. There are several videos and each video focuses on something different so if you know bit manipulation may be something you struggle with, you might want to find the video that specifically offers an example question you may run across. The reason why I chose these videos is because the interviewees are actual students and the interviewers are actual engineers at places like Venmo and Twilio.

Help! I stumble with the behavioral questions.

              If you are currently a student, check out your career center. Most (if not all) schools have one and you can schedule mock interviews. My alma mater had one and I scheduled a few throughout my search for my first post college role. I learned how to refine my answers yet still be able to show my sparkly personality. The practice also helped build my confidence and I passed my resume through another set of non tech eyes which was helpful when I applied with companies that weren’t in the tech industry.

I really hope you use any or all of these to your advantage as you prep for your GHC interviews! Good Luck!

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