Michele Guel
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Michele Guel

Michele’s passion is to inspire, lead and mentor people. She joined Cisco in March 1996 as the founding member of Cisco’s internal security team. During her 20 years at Cisco, she has had the opportunity to work on all facets of cybersecurity and had the opportunity to establish many “firsts” at Cisco. In 2010, Michele was promoted to Distinguished Engineer, one of 10 female DEs across Cisco. She recently co-founded the Cisco Women in Cybersecurity Community that focuses on developing the next generation of women cybersecurity leaders.

Outside of Cisco, Michele has been an avid participant, speaker, teacher, influencer and evangelist in the cyber security industry for over 27 years. Her most recent work focuses on developing and codifying the practice and art of Information Security Engineering and Architecture, with an emphasis on cloud and IoT. Her motto is all about “Building it in and not bolting it on”.

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