GHC 2015 theme revealed!
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GHC 2015 theme revealed!

While 8,000 of you were still basking in the glow of #GHC14, last November, the Grace Hopper Celebration conference leadership team gathered to plan and discuss how best to improve on #GHC15. The leadership teams spent hours analyzing the data, comments and feedback submitted by conference attendees. One of the top priorities was arriving at an exciting theme for GHC 2015. The input from conference attendee survey submissions and suggestions is distilled in order to arrive at the theme. For #GHC15, it was important that the concept be positive, active and relevant.

Without further delay, the theme for #GHC15 is #OurTimeToLead . Thanks to the GHC planning committee for all of the their hard work and we look forward to seeing everyone in Houston October 14-16.



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