Shot of two female colleagues shaking hands during a meeting at work Launches New Entrepreneur Contest

We at know there are plenty of amazing women entrepreneurs on the rise, and we want to celebrate and showcase their work. And so, we created a brand new pitch competition: PitcHER™. Learn how you can apply!
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Our New Name and Logo Reflect Our Community

On October 4, 2017, the first day of the Grace Hopper Celebration, our organization announced that we would no longer call ourselves the Anita Borg Institute. Our new name — — still honors our founder while reflecting our move away from a formal, bureaucratic attitude and toward a warmer, more personal feeling; the “.org” in our name acts as a reminder of our nonprofit mission.

GHC 15 attendees pick-up their badges and ribbons

#GHC17 Heads to Orlando: Badge Pick-up

One of your first steps upon arriving at the Grace Hopper Celebration should be to pick up your badge. You'll need it to access all programming at the GHC. You can get your badge at several locations. Bring your photo ID!

9/15 Hurricane Irma Update

Earlier this week, we watched as Hurricane Irma made landfall over Florida. We remained in contact with those in the area, including staff members as well as Grace Hopper Celebration vendors and contractors. We are thankful that they all are safe.