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Technical Executive Forum Nomination Process

As a partner of, your organization has the opportunity to attend the Technical Executive Forum (Tech Exec Forum), an exclusive event designed to bring together top technical executives working on the mission to increase the representation of women technologists at all levels.

Each partner has the opportunity to submit 1 nomination for an executive to attend the Tech Exec Forum (2 nominations are allowed for higher level partners). Each partner company will be provided with a nomination form. Selected executives will receive an invitation in early June to attend a full-day event on Thursday, October 15th, at the Grace Hopper Celebration in Houston, TX.

Key Dates

Important dates and deadlines to provide nominations and invitation RSVPs are:

  • Week of April 20: Request for nominations begins
  • May 25: Nominations DUE
  • Week of June 2: Invitations will be sent
  • June 30: Invitation RSVPs DUE
  • post-June 30: RSVPs received after June 30 will be placed on a wait-list