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Organizational Diversity & Inclusion

Organizational Diversity and Inclusion Track

The Organizational Diversity and Inclusion track invites submissions from both industry, leading researchers in gender issues, and practitioners of diversity programs in the following areas:

  • Driving organizational change through accountability, metrics and measurement
  • How can organizational systems (examples include innovative software solutions) be designed to improve the various elements surrounding inclusion of women (unconscious bias, gender stats/management dashboard, mentoring, etc.)
  • Advancement
    • How do companies identify, develop, and promote technical women who show the promise of a leader? Practical approaches to identifying top female talent, providing adequate opportunities for advancement, and strategies for supporting women in technical and executive leadership roles.
    • How do companies successfully create programs to advance technical women along the individual contributor path?
    • How are leading companies scaling the opportunities for women to obtain sponsorship within their company, and with what results.
  • Creating and sustaining cultural change
    • Creating inclusive workplaces by minimizing bias and transforming culture
    • Leading change from the top
    • Effective practices and innovative ways in which technical organizations are creating welcoming cultures for and increasing the inclusion of women in technical roles
  • Recruiting
    • Recommendations and strategies for actively recruiting technical women at all levels in industry and academia
  • Retention
    • What are the root causes of women dropping out of the technical workforce, particularly at the mid-level? What innovative initiatives are industry and academia implementing to address and retain top technical talent.
  • Male advocates to champion inclusion
    • Engaging male technical executives for institutional change. How are male leaders affecting change for technical women in their organizations? How do they overcome barriers to being an agent of change, and what successes and simple actions have they taken that can be replicated and encouraged throughout an organization?

Who should submit: Professionals who have experience with talent and leadership development strategy, developing and implementing policies and programs to attract, retain and promote a diverse work force.

  • HR professionals involved in understanding the needs of the workforce of the future.
  • Technical line managers and individual women technologists who are involved in increasing the women in their organizations.
  • Researchers who are focused on gender issues in the workplace and in particular in STEM fields or technical workforce.

Valid Submission Formats (Please Read): Presentations/Lightning Talks,  PanelsWorkshopsBirds of a Feather. Click the links for more information and for Starter Templates.