Trisha Prabhu

Trisha Prabhu

Business: ReThink, Inc.

Trisha Prabhu is the 20-year-old Founder & CEO of ReThink™, a patented app tackling cyberbullying. She is also an undergraduate student at Harvard University. As a former victim of cyberbullying, Trisha’s personal experiences of being harassed inspired her to stand up to online hate. For her work with ReThink, Trisha has received much acclaim: she was named a Google Science Fair Global Finalist, selected to present ReThink at The White House, and is the humbled recipient of many awards; among them, the WebMD Health Hero Prodigy Award. Trisha has also made waves in the business world — as a contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank, pitching ReThink, and as a US Delegate to the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Finally, Trisha has become an ambassador for the movement to tackle online hate, delivering 50+ talks in 30 cities about the power of “ReThinking.” Outside of ReThink, Trisha volunteers her time teaching women to code at Girls Who Code, and leading SoGal Boston, a chapter of the SoGal movement.

With the rise of technology, cyberbullying has become a global pandemic that affects millions of adolescents. ReThink™ is an award-winning, innovative, patented technology, that detects and stops cyberbullying before the damage is done. Operating as a keyboard on mobile devices, works across all apps, from Instagram to Twitter, to detect offensive messages and give users a second chance to reconsider them. Our research finds that over 93% of the time, works. Today, ReThink™ has reached 5.5 million students and 1500 schools internationally, been downloaded over 500K+ times, and is available in six languages. ReThink has also been featured on everything from TED to ABC’s Shark Tank.

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