TyLisha Summers

TyLisha Summers

Business: SpenDebt

TyLisha Summers, a Kansas City native, resides in Houston, TX with her husband Kiley and daughter Elle. As a Chemical Engineer from the University of Missouri-Rolla, TyLisha has rooted her career in the oil and gas industry for the past 12 years. Her work experience includes process engineering, energy optimization, technical sales, and global supply chain operations. TyLisha has resided in Houston for the past 9 years where she has served as Director of a non-profit organization, G.Y.R.L.S., mentoring underrepresented teenage girls, a Junior Achievement volunteer tutoring students in the Greater Houston community and a chartering member of the Houston chapter of Black Girl Ventures, an organization that provides access to social and financial capital to black and brown women founders, as well as a host of other service activities. TyLisha is also the co-founder of SpenDebt, a fintech company created by her and her husband, which helps consumers pay off debt with every purchase made!

SpenDebt is a financial technology company helping people pay off debt through everyday purchases!  As a consumer spends, a predefined amount is deducted from their account with every transaction.  Then those micropayments are aggregated and sent as a one-time payment to the consumer’s creditor of choice monthly!   

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