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Explore the programs offered at GHC for exciting opportunities to engage and connect with women in technology. Join us as we recognize the accomplishments of our Abie Awards and Top Companies winners.

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Tech in Government Award

The Tech in Government Abie Award highlights the work of a woman or non-binary technologist within the federal government in the U.S. who has worked behind the scenes in improving governmental services through technical innovation and modernizing the functionality of government.
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Technical Leadership Abie Award

The Technical Leadership Abie Award is our most prestigious award and celebrates a woman or non-binary technologist who led or developed a product, process, or innovation that made a notable impact on business or society.
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Student of Vision Abie Award

The Student of Vision Abie Award recognizes and celebrates an undergraduate or graduate student who has a unique vision of how technology innovation can solve important problems, and how inspiring more women and non-binary people enable meaningful innovation.
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Social Impact Abie Award

The Social Impact Abie Award recognizes those making a positive impact on society through technology. Nominees may have developed technology that caused social change or empowered underrepresented peoples.
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Educational Innovation Award

The Educational Innovation Abie Award in Honor of A. Richard Newton recognizes educators for developing innovative teaching practices and approaches that attract female students to computing, engineering, and math in K-12 or undergraduate education.
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Emerging Technologist Abie Award

The Emerging Technologist Abie Award recognizes an early to mid-career woman or non-binary technologist in the first 10 years of their technical career. They use their leadership and technological talents in high-impact initiatives and make important contributions to the advancement of women in technology.
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Top Companies Award

Participate in our annual Top Companies for Women Technologists program and show your commitment to promoting diversity.
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Advancing Inclusion Interest Form

The GHC Advancing Inclusion initiative provides historically underrepresented women and non-binary technologists an opportunity to attend the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), build their networks and gain knowledge and resources.
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