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For over 20 years Grace Hopper Celebration has brought together women technologists to build a community. The incredible individuals have created support systems that have opened a world of possibilities for students and professionals at every career level.

Today, with a community that spans the world over we continue to build on that foundation of unity and passion for technology. Inclusivity and access to resources has never been more important. The GHC 22 Scholarship exists to ensure that all women and non-binary technologists have the chance to participate in career and academic workshops, exposure to mentors and networking groups, and the opportunity to meet inspirational role models. We hope that the GHC Scholarship is a gateway to the experience of a lifetime.

Please share the graphics, copy, and hashtags below with potential applicants.


Miss a newsletter? We’ve got you covered. You can find links to all GHC 22 Scholars Newsletters here.


Miss a webinar? You can find the recordings here!

  • Episode 1 – Banish Impostor Syndrome From Your Brain!
  • Episode 2 –  Exploring Your Unicorn Career in Tech
  • Episode 3 – PhD for me: Finding, Deciding on, and Optimizing Your Grad School Experience
  • Episode 4 – Negotiation for Nerds: How to Rock your next Salary Negotiation

Sponsor Matching

Dear GHC 2022 Scholars, we are proud to present you with your sponsor matches for this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration. All matches are random and final. To take full advantage of the sponsor relationship, you should be responsive to sponsors if invited to opportunities like meet-and-greets, webinars, etc. You can expect to be contacted by your sponsor in August.

View Your Matched Sponsor



Congratulations on becoming a GHC 22 Scholar! We are so grateful you’re joining us in our mission for an inclusive future in tech. As we prepare for the Celebration, we hope you will take advantage of the resources below and spread the word to your network about your upcoming appearance at GHC 22. 


Social Media Graphic


Facebook/ LinkedIn





Official Hashtags





Social Media Copy 

Copy and paste the following copy into your social media posts. Be sure to tag in your posts. Social Media   

Instagram: @anitab_org 
Twitter: @AnitaB_org  


Option 1  

I’m proud to be a Scholar at Grace Hopper Celebration 2022! Learn more about the world’s largest gathering of women and non-binary technologists here: #GHC22 #NextIsNow #WomenInTech  

Option 2  

I’m supporting the world’s largest gathering women and non-binary technologists as a GHC 22 Scholar! I can’t wait for the opportunity to join leaders and innovators from every specialty across tech as we work towards a more equitable and inclusive future. Learn more about GHC here: #GHC22 #NextIsNow #WomenInTech  

Email Signature

Customize your email signature and let your network know that you’re speaking at GHC 22! Be sure to link to the GHC homepage to share event information.

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to use this template.

LinkedIn Badge

Brag about being a GHC 22 Scholar on your LinkedIn profile with this custom badge.

CLICK HERE for detailed instructions on how to use this badge.


Zoom Background

Customize and download a virtual background to use during the Celebration.



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