Open Source Day

Women working together

Imagine a day where you are truly part of a global community…where you can make a difference in the world and where you can learn from others. That day is here! It’s Open Source Day, OSD, and it’s the biggest female-led movement in Open Source. It’s also a day where you get to decide how you want to be part of the community…you can participate in the Open Source Day hackathon…you can attend Open Source workshops and learn how you can contribute to Open Source…or you can be a mentor or coach for the day.

The goal of OSD is to promote Open Source contributions by women in tech.

OSS is an increasingly important skill to have as companies often require an understanding of and ability to contribute to it. You will work in groups, gaining the opportunity to learn from each other as well as learning from experienced mentors who will be there to guide you.

The future is female in Open Source. Let’s own it together and make a huge impact in the world!

What is Open Source Day

Open Source Day (OSD) is an all-day hackathon(including workshops), in which participants of all skill levels learn about Open Source while contributing to projects designed to solve real world problems.

Mission and Vision

It’s a painful truth that diversity in the Open Source community is worse than diversity in tech overall. A study by tech talent site TopTal analyzed active GitHub profiles and found that just 6% of the randomly sampled profiles and 5.4% of profiles with over 10 contributions belonged to women. With GitHub profiles a growing part of the hiring process and acknowledging that a diverse community is an effective and innovative one, it is vital we start to move the needle on women in open source. Our mission is to promote Open Source contributions by women in tech. Our vision is to make Open Source Day the hackathon with the world’s largest gathering of women technologists.

Upcoming Open Source Day

Open Source Day is accepting project, mentor, and workshops for GHC 22.


How will you contribute?

You will have curated projects that are easy to set up and have issues that are well documented and easy to contribute. But you will not be alone, there will be mentors helping you through-out the process.

What projects will be available?

Participants will contribute code to open source projects. These projects can be in the following categories:  humanitarian projects, Female led projects or just interesting projects that have partnered with OSD.

How will you find an issue to contribute?

We will work with the projects and organizations to curate issues that are well documented and easy to contribute. But you will not be alone, there will be mentors helping you thorough-out the process


Looking for ways to give back to the tech community?

Each year, our volunteers help ensure vGHC is a success by supporting and our vGHC attendees. Seize this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of women technologists from around the world.

Becoming a mentor for Open Source Day (OSD) is one of many ways you can volunteer at vGHC. Learn more about OSD and other vGHC volunteer opportunities below!

What does an OSD Mentor do?

OSD Mentors work with our participating organizations to help participants contribute to their open source projects. Mentors are selected primarily based on project needs and should plan to attend the entirety of OSD.

Mentors will not only get to work on these inspiring projects, but will also get the chance to help our OSD participants build their technical confidence. OSD participants come from all skill levels and backgrounds; some have little to no experience with OSS at all. Mentors have the opportunity to help them gain new skills and provide the encouragement needed to succeed — at OSD and beyond.

Apply to Become a Mentor!


Participants will have the chance to attend hands-on workshops. These workshops will help participants overcome the first barriers of open source contribution: the technical gap of how to use the tools, and the fear of actually having your name associated with a commit.

What other volunteer opportunities are there?

There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at vGHC. Learn more and signup here.

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