Technical Executive Forum (TEF)

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The Technical Executive Forum (TEF) will be held virtually in conjunction with the 2020 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC). More details to come.


The Technical Executive Forum (TEF) is an invite-only, full day event for C-level technical executives and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) leaders from Partner companies. TEF is a key Organizational Transformation (OT) program designed to guide organizations in their efforts to create more diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Started in 2007, TEF began as a CTO roundtable with a handful of C-suite executives and has since grown to include approximately 180-200 executives. The small yet steady growth of TEF has been intentional to keep TEF intimate and allow for in-depth discussion. TEF has consistently rated in the 4.1-4.7 range (out of a 5.0 scale) for overall quality since measurement began in 2011.

TEF continues to be the technical executives’ event to attend on technical and diversity topics, providing executive-level technical participants the opportunity to connect, collaborate, and learn from experts and their peers who provide cutting-edge research, better practices, and actionable solutions for retaining and advancing women technologists.

Joining TEF

We know that those at the executive level have the highest possibility to affect change for women technologists. At TEF, high-level executives are invited with a focus on technology leadership. Designees should have the following credentials:

  • Ability and willingness to influence their organizations in retaining and advancing women technologists.
  • Demonstrated commitment to leveraging diversity for innovation.
  • C-suite executives (CEO/President/COO, CTO, CIO, Chief Scientist, or their direct reports including business line leaders such as EVPs, SVPs of Engineering, and General Managers with P&L responsibility).
  • DEI executives cannot be the primary TEF designee. DEI executives have to be a C-level person such as the Chief People Officer, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, CHRO, or CDO.