Technical Executive Forum (TEF)

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The Technical Executive Forum (TEF) will be held in conjunction with the 2022 Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC 22).


One of the most important ways we move the AnitaB.org mission forward is through our connections to C-Suite executives via the Technical Executive Forum (TEF), for they each have tremendous power over their company’s strategic direction and how resources are allocated. Through extensive analysis of the role C-level executives play in catalyzing systemic change, in particular for executive sponsors of DEI initiatives and HR leaders charged with implementing them, we have determined that one of the most challenging aspects of actualizing DEI values remains an exercise in transforming aspirations into actual day-to-day practices that are operationalizing DEI with policies, which are then translated into business processes and procedures.

TEF is a long-standing program at GHC, and this year we are offering an interactive, online session focused on catalyzing systemic change by transforming DEI values into organizational policies. Therefore, we cordially invite top leaders from our partner companies with policymaking and budgetary authority to join us for an exclusive workshop led by workforce futurist and corporate trainer, Dr. Terri Horton.

Joining TEF

We know that those at the executive level have the highest possibility to affect change for women technologists. At TEF, high-level executives are invited with a focus on technology leadership. Designees should have the following credentials:

  • Leadership Role – You are a C-level executive (e.g., CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, Chief Scientist), a top company leader with P&L responsibility overseeing a sizable number of women technologists (e.g. EVP, SVP, President), or a C-level executive with authority over DEI initiatives (e.g., Chief People Officer, CHRO, or CDO).
  • Leadership Authority – You have policymaking and budgetary authority over how your organization attracts, retains, and develops women technologists.
  • Commitment to DEI – You are strongly committed to DEI and are willing to leverage your influence to advance DEI goals within your organization.

TEF registrations are closed.


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