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Lunchtime Table Topics Assignment

Lunchtime Table Topics

Thursday, October 15, 2015  12:45pm — 3:30pm

Table NumberTable TopicModerator, Affiliation
1Building a Community of African Women in ComputingJean Njoroge and Unoma Okorafor, African Women in Computing
2Connecting Chinese Women in Computing in U.S., Asia and Around The WorldQiao Lin Mao, Chinese Women in Computing
3LAtINiTY — Latin American womeN in TechnologY conference, Santiago November 2015.Natalie Gil, Latinas in Computing
4Turkish Women in Computing: Global Comparison Research Gulustan Dogan, Turkish Women in Computing
5Black Women in Computing On A Mission for 2015 Danielle Cummings, BWiC founder and chair, Government
6Part 1: Information about ArabWiC community
Part 2: Speed Mentoring Sessions
Kaoutar El Maghraoui, Arab Women in Computing
7Filipinas in Human Performance Center (HPC)Elizabeth Bautista, Filipinas in Computing
8Indian Girls/Women in ComputingNeetu Jain, Indian Women in Computing
10Learn more about Vietnamese Women in Computing.Ann An Tu Quach and Sophia Ngo, Vietnamese Women in Computing
11 Coming «Out» at Work Julie Mariga, LGBT in Computing
12 Bangladeshi women in Computing Nova Ahmed
13 How to support Arab Women in Computing Globally Sana Odeh
14 Connecting Iranian Women in Computing  Parisa Kianmajd
15 Iranian women in Computer science: challenges and strategiesMina Naghshnejad
16Women of the Gulf South: Connecting WIT from Southern Gulf States  Jaelle Scheuerman & TBA
17 Women of the Gulf South: How Can Hiring Managers Help Create More Opportunities for Women in Tech

Growing a Diverse Tech Community in the Gulf South

 Torrie Adams & Jaelle Scheuerman
18Finding a career rather than a jobVarun Devaraj, Portland State University
19Free and Open Source Software Shauna Gordon-McKeon, OpenHatch
20FreeBSD Shteryana Shopova, FreeBSD
21 Arduino projects, with a focus on wearable technologies Rebecca Young, Columbia College Chicago
22 Hardware Assisted OS virtualization Kavita Agarwal, Stony Brook University
23Why so few women in academia? Farzana Rahman, James Madison University
24Strategies to increase the pipeline of women in STEM Claudia Galvan, Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
25Advance your career with a mentor Anita Rao, eBay
26ABIE Award Winners — Change Agent and Social Impact Daniela Raijman & Michal Segalov, María Celeste Medina, Mai Abualkas Temraz, ABIE Award Winners
27 How IT is used to respond to Natural Disasters Harmony Mabrey, Microsoft Disaster Response
28Feminist Maker Spaces support Multimodal Approaches of SocioTechnical Systems Andrea Marshall, Drexel University
29Beyond Coding: IT Infrastructure Career Opportunities Shannon Smith, Nationwide
30Parenting in the tech world. Challenges, Suggestions and Opportunities. Jagruti Bhihka, ThoughtWorks
31ABIE Award Winners — Technical Leadership, Educator, Emerging Leader Lydia E. Kavraki, Joanne Cohoon, Lydia Tapia, ABIE Award Winners
32Healthcare technology Disruptive innovation in healthcare Kate Schafer, Innovative Healthcare
33Barriers Women Face in Career Advancement and Pay Gap

Is the pay gap between male and female coming to a close?

 San Ip, Nokia
34 Data Privacy Parisa Kianmajd , UC-Davis/Student ResearcHers
35 Data Visualization Research  Kate Isaacs, UC-Davis/Student ResearcHers
36 Software Defined Networking Chen Liu and Israat Tanzeena Haque, University of Alberta
37 Data-Driven Lounging (Case Study) Judy Zhu and Emily Gould, American Express
38Sync, Tweet, Save, Repeat – Innovation in Mobile CommercePriyadarshini Koul, American Express Technology
39Support for the challenges of Computer Science StudiesMichelle Phung, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
40 Software Testing Kristen Walcott-Justice and Sarojini Aalasubramanian, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
41Get involved in open source software development with the Sahana Software Foundation! Patricia Tressel, Sahana Software Foundation
42Online communities, CSCW, HCI, Social Computing, UX Research Nazanin Andalibi, Drexel University
43Future of Cloud Computing, Security and Big Data Vivek Kumar, University of Arizona
44Smart and Sustainable Cities  Larissa Romualdo Suzuki, UCL / Imperial College London
45Business Intelligence and Analytics Trends  Heather Sinkwitz, Trax Technologies
46Negotiation and career progression  Ashley Carroll, DocuSign
47Computer vision, with emphasis in psychology and category learning. Rachel Moore, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
48Graduate school admissions. Specifically, masters in CS. Ishita Gupta, Google
49How to Design Everyday Things Swati Jhawar
50Work Life Balance Huma Hamid
51 Connecting your Women in Tech program across the global Christine Rutherford
52 Mastering Negotiations Jaynie Shorb
53 High Performance Computing Punita Sinha
54 ABI.Local Robin Patin, AnitaB.org
55Calling all Performance Engineers Jianli Shen
56Leading a successful customer engagement – from winning to renewal

Utilizing non-profit leadership to enhance skills at work

Carol L Moore, Dell


Melissa Tata, Dell

57Parenting in the tech world. Challenges, Suggestions and Opportunities


Work life Balance as a Woman in Technology

Lenka Vanek, Dell


Monica Younger, Dell

58Free Table
59Free Table
60Free Table



Friday, October 16, 2015 1:00pm — 2:15pm

Table NumberTable TopicModerator, Affiliation
2 Growing Chinese Women in Computing Qiao Lin Mao and Wei Lin, Chinese Women in Computing
3 Information Sessions: The LGBTQ-A community Deb Agarwal, LGBT in Computing
4 Coming «Out» at Work Julie Mariga, LGBT in Computing
5 ArabWiC: Speed Mentoring Sessions Kaoutar El Maghraoui, IBM Research
6 Filipinas in Human Performance Center (HPC)Elizabeth Bautista , Filipinas in Computing
7 The Asian-American Identity in the Tech Industry Melissa Morris
8 International women in Computer Science: challenges and strategies Mina Naghshnejad
12 Early-stage start-ups and female founders Arushi Raghuvanshi
13 How IT is used to respond to Natural Disasters Harmony Mabrey, Microsoft Disaster Response
14 Feminist Maker Spaces support Multimodal Approaches of SocioTechnical Systems Andrea Marshall, Drexel University
15 Why so few women in academia? Farzana Rahman, James Madison University
16 Hardware Assisted OS virtualization Kavita Agarwal, Stony Brook University
17 Finding a career rather than a jobVarun Devaraj, Portland State University
18 Parenting in the tech world. Challenges, Suggestions and Opportunities. Jagruti Bhihka, ThoughtWorks
19 Beyond Coding: IT Infrastructure Career Opportunities Shannon Smith, Nationwide
20 Getting Started In UX Megan Torkildson, Google
21 Technology “Non-Use”Chitra Rajasekaran, ESRI
22 Creating Your Silver Lining  Eva Stamos, American Express Technology
23 Health HCI OR Making a career transition later in life Tamara Peyton, Pennsylvania State University
24 Helping Late Comers and Non-Engineering Majors Into Tech Roles Bernease Herman, Amazon
25 Pursuing masters’ after an year or two of working in industry.  Ishita Gupta, Google
26 Pay Gap and Role Technology in Personal, Social and Professional Lives Sand Ip, Nokia
27 Internship, Mobile computing, Women in academy Reyhaneh Jabbarvand, George Mason University
28 What is it like to work at the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL)? Kaitlin Farr, Johns Hopkins, Applied Physics Lab
29 Survivors in STEM   Zaza Soriano
30 Problems and solutions for addressing cultural shock women face Sandeep Kuttal
31 Continuous Integration and Deployment Best Practices Qudsiah Khan
32 Aging Gracefully in Tech Meg Layton
33 iOS Chitra Rajasekaran
34 Startup Stories: Sharing stories about our own startups and how we got off the ground Laura Ferguson
35 Transitioning from a technical to a leadership role Jennifer Plummer
36 First Job: The right opportunities for you Srishti Gupta
40 Integrating User-Centered Design Principles into Your Work Process Erin Walline, Dell
41 The importance of networking & mentors to enhance your career Liza Sighinolfi, Dell
42 Early-stage start-ups and female founders Arushi Raghuvanshi

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