2019 AnitaB.org PitcHER Finalists Announced

2019 AnitaB.org PitcHER Finalists Announced

AnitaB.org is thrilled to announce the finalists for the 2019 PitcHER contest. This competition celebrates female entrepreneurs from all industries who are leading early stage technology startups. The finalists will join us at the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC 19) on October 2 to compete for a total of $100,000 in prize money, split among the top three finalists and an Audience Favorite.   

Learn more about our finalists and their incredible startups.

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Dr. Fereshteh Aalamifar
Startup: PediaMetrix
Fereshteh is the founder and CEO of PediaMetrix, an early stage startup in Maryland that aims to revolutionize pediatric health through AI and image processing. PediaMetrix’s mobile health solution helps parents in the earliest stages of flat head syndrome (FHS) development, and puts parents in contact with PTs and other health professionals and shares the results with their pediatrician.

Kyle Dymanus 
Startup: R6 Industries
Kyle, one of the Co-founders and the CEO of R6 Industries, is a biomedical engineer from Georgia Tech that is currently studying to be a doctor at the Medical College of Georgia. She hopes to leverage her work, engineering, and medical experience to solve healthcare problems and push for change using sustainable technology solutions. 

Shanel Fields
Startup: MD Ally
As the child of a volunteer EMT, Shanel was inspired by her father’s experiences as a first responder to launch a healthcare technology company in the 911 space. In 2018, she launched MD Ally, an EMS telemedicine platform that enables collaborative partnerships between public safety and provider organizations for large-scale mobile integrated healthcare initiatives.

Dr. Sanna Gaspard
Startup: Rubitection Inc.
While earning her graduate degree, Sanna received two patents for two medical technologies she invented: an infant therapy device to support preterm infants’ health and an optical device for early bedsore detection. To support the commercialization of these two technologies, she founded two medical device companies: TLneoCare, LLC and Rubitection Inc. As CEO of both startups, she developed the vision, business strategy and plan, the IP strategy, and raised initial financing.

Amy Haderer
Startup: Motherboard Birth
Amy is a childbirth assistant (doula), artist, birth activist, mother of six, and founder of Motherboard Birth. Ever since the birth of her first daughter, Amy has been passionate about guiding families through the challenging landscape of their birth experience. She aims to reduce disparities in maternal health outcomes by building tools for parents and providers, and a platform to connect the two.

Asha Owens
Startup: BestFit
Asha is the Co-founder and CEO of BestFit, a company whose mission is to close the gap in college decision-making and create a clearer, more defined path to college and career. BestFit disrupts college recruiting with design and storytelling, empowering students to identify colleges best equipped to support their success.

Maci Peterson Philitas
Startup: On Second Thought (OST)
Maci is the CEO and Co-founder of On Second Thought (OST), the definitive delay-recall mechanism for mobile communications platforms. Under her leadership, OST has expanded to 190 countries, secured multiple patents, and now licenses its highly scalable software system across several industries.  

Lydia Bassaly
Startup: NaTakallam
Lydia is the Head of Translation Services and Recruitment at NaTakallam, a social enterprise that connects refugees and displaced persons with work opportunities in the language sector through the freelance economy. Her work at NaTakallam has included expanding the translation client base from two to three clients to over 60 and hiring 100+ freelance refugee translators who gain an income through translation work provided by NaTakallam.

Yulkendy Valdez
Startup: Forefront
Yulkendy is a social entrepreneur, storyteller, public speaker, and Co-founder and CEO of Forefront. Forefront is a subscription-based digital platform designed for global employers where employees can access curriculum-based lesson plans about cultures around the world, highlighting the rich narratives of real people and the intersection of our identities.

Kristen Fang
Startup: StrattyX
Kristen is an entrepreneur, acclaimed researcher, and a longtime advocate for financial literacy. Together with her co-founder Auriel Wright, she created StrattyX, a mobile app that empowers everyday investors.

Lin Zhu
Startup: Loro, Co.
Lin is the Co-founder and CFO of Loro Co., an intuitive and inclusive robotics startup developing a smart assistive companion for wheelchair users.


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Find out next week who our special AnitaB.org PitcHER judges will be, and who will speak at the PitcHER Closing Keynote!

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Roe v. Wade Has Been Overturned. You Have Every Right to Be Upset. Here’s how to take action

We at AnitaB.org, are disheartened and dismayed by the United States Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a landmark ruling that enabled the right of an abortion to people around the nation. AnitaB.org brings together allies and champions across every sector to advance intersectional gender equity in technology. The technologists we support are also people impacted by targeted oppressive and unjust laws including laws that restrict reproductive rights. Not only do we empower technologists through our year-long programming but, we also advocate for better systemic solutions for the workforce and for their humanity. 

In response to the Supreme Court ruling, we are joining to elevate the calls to action of our social justice colleagues and community partners. 

If you feel called to do something today or in the next coming days, here are some action steps:  

  • Support and donate to Repro Legal Defense Fund, which is a national organization that covers bail and funds strong defense for people who are investigated, arrested, or prosecuted for abortion. Because no one should be behind bars for ending their pregnancy or helping someone else do so.
  • Support and donate to Plan C, an educational resource for learning about how people in the US access abortion pills.
  • Support and donate to your local Planned Parenthood, independent abortion clinics, and abortion funds.
  • Go to the streets and join a protest near you. Most protests are happening today at 5 PM at the federal courthouses or state capitols.

AnitaB.org is also launching a political advocacy series, Power to the People, with our first event on July 20th. The first event of this series, Power to People: Abortion Rights and Digital Privacy, will elevate the voices of abortion advocates and the risks emerging with digital rights and privacy. This event will empower you to take additional action regarding abortion rights and data privacy. Stay tuned for more information about this upcoming event. 

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