2014 Scholars

Angie Li

Angie Li is a computer science major at Berea College and works as the student web development manager at the Alumni Relations Office. During her work at the Alumni Relations office she has introduced the implementation of instructional videos and web management tools in an effort to increase community outreach. This past summer Angie worked as a web development intern at Able Engine, based in Lexington, Kentucky. There, she completed web content updates for over 20 clients and created site update instructions to empower clients to manage their digital content.

“Growing up in a refugee family from Vietnam, I have come to realize that the only way for me and people in my community to get out of poverty is through education. Even though my family did not encourage me to pursue a college degree because I am female, I have always valued my education and worked as hard as I could to achieve my dream of becoming a successful computer scientist.”