2014 Scholars

Sedinam Worlanyo

Sedinam Worlanyo is a rising sophomore at Swarthmore College with a prospective double major in computer science and economics. At Swarthmore this year, she will help maintain the website of her college newspaper, Daily Gazette, using JavaScript, JQuery and principles of responsive design. She will also mentor students taking computer science intro classes and is the treasurer of the Swarthmore Women in CS group. Sedinam is deeply interested in research to determine how robotics can be used to support autistic children in Ghana, her home.

“Back at home in Ghana, I thought of Computer Science as the complicated discipline that only a few people engaged in, wrought with incomprehensible mathematical jargon. However, out of curiosity and a willingness to challenge myself, I spontaneously took an Intro to Computer Science class in my first semester. Learning about a problem and creatively but logically dreaming up an entirely new solution to the problem using code attracted me to CS.”