Dr. Dieuwertje Kast

Social Impact Abie Award Winner

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1. Proud to announce, I am the recipient of the 2021 Social Impact Abie Award! Join me and the largest community of women technologists in the world September 27- October 1 as we #DareTo transform the future of tech.

2. I am honored to accept the 2021 Social Impact Abie Award from AnitaB.org. Together with thousands of other women technologists, we are reshaping the future of the tech ecosystem. Looking forward to meeting new friends, thought leaders and innovators at Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration! Learn more about the event here: https://ghc.anitab.org

3. I am proud to be the recipient of the 2021 Social Impact Abie Award! Daring to elevate women in tech is an important role many of us play every day. This year we celebrate a growing community of passionate women building a more inclusive tomorrow for everyone. Learn more about Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration here: https://ghc.anitab.org

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