Rules for Speaking

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The 2020 Call for Participation (CFP) is closed. Thanks to all who submitted!

In addition to accepting the Code of Conduct for all attendees, speakers must agree to our rules for speaking. Failure to follow these rules will result in disqualification for speaking at GHC.

Views expressed by speakers at GHC are their own and do not represent or Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC).

All Speakers

Expected Behavior

  • All speakers must register for GHC. If you are unable to speak after confirming your participation, complete the speaker change request form or inform as soon as possible if you will not have a substitute.
  • All speakers commit to presenting as scheduled by
    • If you have a scheduling conflict for religious reasons, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you.
  • Speakers must arrive to their assigned room 30 minutes before their session begins.
  • Speakers must discuss the work for which they were selected to present. Any handouts you provide to attendees must be directly relevant to the session topic and your work. Handouts or any other materials needed for the session are to be provided by the speaker(s).

Unacceptable Behavior

  • Speakers may not use their scheduled talk to promote irrelevant agendas, recruit for their organization, or promote their product.
  • Speakers may not hand out promotional materials and/or swag before, during, or after their session.
    • All promotional materials and/or swag must only be distributed at the speaker’s company booth in the Expo Hall.

Session Types

All track sessions (this excludes Mentoring Circles and Poster Session)

  • Slide Template: Use designed PowerPoint template with the GHC 20 theme. You must use this template in its entirety for your panels, presentations and handouts. You may add your company logo as long as you don’t remove our GHC 20 logos. You must upload your slides to the Speaker Ready Room system by 5 p.m. PT on September 23, 2020. You can upload revised versions of your slides until September 30, 2020. Once onsite at GHC, please visit the Speaker Ready Room at least four (4) hours prior to your session to make any updates.
  • Audio/Visual Information: will provide an LCD projector, projector screen, clicker, lectern, wired lectern microphone, four wireless handheld microphones (lapel microphones are not available), speaker timer, audio direct input cable (aux cord), Speaker Ready Laptop to run your presentation from, and standing microphone(s) for Q&A. Number of Q&A microphones will vary by room size. Any special A/V or power needs should be specified in the submission. Onsite Audio/Visual requests cannot be accommodated.
  • You will not be able to limit the audience size of your session. If your session is popular, we will fill your session room to capacity.

Mentoring Circles

  • Time: You must keep your mentoring session under 20 minutes. Mentoring Circles rotate each session every 20 minutes, so you won’t be allowed to go over the session time frame.
    • Be prepared to repeat your session six (6) times, each time in front of a different set of participants.
  • Occupancy: There are only 10 people per table per session. According to fire marshal rules, you cannot exceed this limit.
  • Location: You must present at your assigned table. A map of table will be provided onsite.
  • Handouts: The only material you are allowed to provide at your table are handouts with a summary of your mentoring session. Any type of swag or gifts are prohibited.
  • Speaker Ready Room: Presenters for the Mentoring Circles do NOT need to upload slides to the Speaker Ready Room system.
  • Audio/Visual: Due to the nature of the Mentoring Circles, speakers do NOT have access to any audio/visual aids for their presentation.


Poster Presenters

  • Posters and space: The maximum poster size is 4′ x 4′. You may organize your space any way you prefer. For instance, you might want to use a single large page format, or you could choose to have a number of separate pages posted in the space.
    • You must print your poster prior to GHC and bring it with you.
  • Location: You must present at your assigned space only. A map of your location will be provided onsite.
  • Presenters: Only one presenter per poster will get a complimentary registration to GHC 20. If several people worked on the research project with you, they can come to GHC but they will have to purchase their own registration.
  • Setting up: You must set up your poster 30 minutes before your specific poster session. will provide pushpins.
    • Be prepared to present your poster multiple times to different types of attendees (beginners, experts, judges).
    • Duration: You must be present at your poster during the entire duration of your specific poster session (2.5 hours).
  • Audio/Visual Information: will NOT have power or audio/visual equipment available for the poster presenters.
  • ACM-Student Research Competition (ACM-SRC): All rules above also apply to the ACM-SRC poster presenters. The competition will happen in two rounds: the first round is on Wednesday and the second round is on Thursday. Winners are announced on Friday. Please check the ACM-SRC website for specifics about this competition.

The 2020 Call for Participation (CFP) is closed. Thanks to all who submitted!