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Key Dates and Deliverables

As a sponsor, you will need to do a few things to prepare for GHC and make your participation successful! We’ve listed all the steps you need to take in chronological order. We encourage you to act early well before the deadlines to ensure you get the most out of your sponsorship.

Click on the links below to directly submit your materials, register your attendees and take other actions before GHC.

Unsure of your sponsorship details?

Important Dates
October 7: Conference bag swag shipment receiving closes
October 7:
Advance shipment receiving ends
October 13: Direct shipment receiving begins
October 14-16:
Grace Hopper Celebration
October 16: Direct shipment receiving ends.

Other actions to take:

  • Download the mobile app and start interacting with attendees.
  • Check out our Sponsor PR Playbook for ideas and tips about promoting your organization’s participation at GHC.