Student Opportunity Lab
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Student Opportunity Lab

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 | 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
FRIDAY, OCTOBER 16 | 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Are you:

a)    Searching for a job in industry, academia or government?
b)    Looking for an internship or research opportunity?
c)    Thinking about continuing your studies?
d)    Exploring career options?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should attend the interactive Student Opportunity Lab (SOL). Each day offers around 40-50 presenters who will hold several mini sessions at their own tables. Find the topics that interest you the most! 

Wednesday, October 14 – Hall A3 Level Three GRBCC

  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Navigating Your Career Path, Sarah Jackett (Groupon), Reena Singhal Lee (Google)
  • CRA-W: How to Be Successful Post-Bachelor’s?, Fisher  Kathleen (Tufts University)
  • CRA-W: How to Successfully Apply to Graduate School?, Dilma Da Silva (Colorado School of Mines), Katie Siek (Colorado School of Mines), Devika Subramanian (Colorado School of Mines)
  • CRA-W: Is Graduate School for You?, Elodie Fourquet (Colgate University)
  • CRA-W: Masters or Ph.D.?, Patty Lopez (Intel)
  • CRA-W: What is Computing Research? How Can Undergraduates Participate, Andrea Danyluk (Williams College)
  • Crushing Your First 3 Months in Tech, Rose DeMaio (HubSpot)
  • Everything you ever need to know about internships, Dai Wenqing (Salesforce), Heaven Chen (Salesforce)
  • Explore Your Options: Creating Your Best Career Path, Anne Ryan (Palantir Technologies Inc.), Aubrey Blanche (Atlassian), Belinda Langner (Google)
  • Fame, Fortune and Fun: Advancing your Career through Academic Competition, Diane Staheli (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
  • Finding the Internship for You, Emily Leathers (Brigade)
  • Five Tips on Navigating Internship Landscape in Computer Science, Dippy Aggarwal (University of Cincinnati)
  • How to change the world through entrepreneurship, Melinda Briana Epler (Change Catalyst)
  • How to Choose the Right Internship, Helen Kuo (Box, Inc.)
  • How to Prepare for your first Technical Interview, Sukhdeep Sidhu (Box)
  • How to Work in Silicon Valley (Without Actually Living There), Elizabeth A. Royalty (Building Robotics, Inc), Liz Kueper (IBM)
  • Mastering the Technical Interview, Victoria Lai (Palantir Technologies)
  • Mentee/Mentor, Maira Benjamin (Pandora)
  • Navigating Around Career Roadblocks – Experiences Over Four Decades, Helen S. Raizen (EMC Corporation)
  • Startups vs. mid/large companies – the right fit for you, Ketaki Deo (LinkedIn Corporation)
  • Test Your Life! Provide Quality Assurance for Your Future Career, Leteshia Lowe (IBM)
  • The Art of Networking, Annette York (USAA)
  • The Dating Game: Knowing a Company is Right for You, Therasa Cha (Taser International)
  • The Internship Decision: Finding the One For You, Veni Johanna (Quora), Alexandra Johnson (SigOpt)
  • Transitioning into the Work World, Li Lan (Microsoft), Heaven Chen (Salesforce)
  • You++ [on paper] Turn your resume into a golden ticket, Courtney Phillips (Qualcomm)

Friday, October 16 – Hall A3 Level Three GRBCC

  • A Day in the Life of a User Experience Designer, Shannon Selissen (NetSuite Inc.)
  • A Day in the life of an SE, Jennifer Green (VMware)
  • Achieving Technical Eminence and Career Building with Open Source, Andrew Hately (IBM), Liz Kueper (IBM)
  • Build an Interactive Data Science Project with Shiny-R, Xiaodan Zhang (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)
  • Careers bridging healthcare and technology, Mia McCroskey (Streamline Health), Monica McGill (Bradley University), Pranathi Nakka (Stanford Medical Center), Mina Hsiang (US government Health Data), Kathy Pham (US Digital Service)
  • Careers in Civic Technology, Kimberly Munoz (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau), Angel Quicksey (Harvard)
  • Careers in Intellectual Property Law, Julie Akhter (Microsoft Corporation), Cassandra Swain (Microsoft)
  • Checking out a Career in Cybersecurity?, Lisa Bobbitt (Cisco Systems, Inc.), Alka Gupta (Cisco Systems, Inc.), Tolu Onireti (Cisco Systems, Inc.), Sunitha Kumar (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
  • Cloud Computing: Program Manager’s Day, Meena Nagarajan Kumar (VMware)
  • Cloud Computing: Software Engineer’s Day, Lily Chang (VMware)
  • Coding as a Second Language: Nontraditional Paths to Software Engineering, Stephanie Chou (AppDynamics), Stella Cotton (Indiegogo)
  • Coming Out of the Code: Tech Careers Outside of Development, Nithya Lakshmanan (NetSuite Inc.)
  • Computational Molecular Biophysics – Design Your Future, Jeffrey Gray (Johns Hopkins University), Oana Lungu (University of Texas at Austin)
  • Crafting a career in User Experience, Alissa Briggs (Brigade), Rachel Daniel (Maxpoint), Amanda Stockwell (352 Inc.)
  • Creating a Product Spec, Ketki Warudkar (Box)
  • Cyber Security – It’s THE place to be, Rinki Sethi (Intuit)
  • Day in the Life of a Front-End Engineer, Jackie Chen (Box)
  • Day in the Life of a SharePoint Administrator, Tanya Keyser (Rackspace Hosting)
  • Day in the Life: Startup Product Manager, Anna Muth (G2 Crowd)
  • Developer Relations: “Social” Engineering, Pearl Chen (Karma Laboratory), Erin M. Rahnenfuehrer (NetSuite)
  • EEK! I’ve Been Hacked!: Four Daily Habits of the Security-Minded, Valerie Roske (ThoughtWorks)
  • Graduating to the Corporate World, Cindy Burns (EMC), Vidya Srinivasan (Microsoft)
  • Hello, World: The “Real World” as a Software Engineer, Kaycee Anderson (Microsoft), Sahana Rajasekar (Pinterest), Jennie Shapira (Blackstone), Lauren Shapiro (Knewton)
  • Launching a Diversity in Computing Organization, Irsal Alsanea (Blend Labs)
  • Make Up of a Data Scientist, Sudeshna Banerjee (Bank of America), Theresa Jones (none)
  • Old Stars to Neustar: Academia Lessons Translated to Data Science, Julie A. Hollek (Neustar)
  • Systems Engineering as a Career, Beth Gage (Juniper Networks)
  • Technical Artists: Hybrid Creative Problem Solvers for Games, Gracie Arenas Strittmatter (Electronic Arts / BioWare)
  • Technical Careers in Financial Services, Courtney Smith Goodrich (J.P. Morgan), Melissa Goldman (J.P. Morgan), Sinead Strain (Goldman Sachs)
  • Things I wish I knew about a software developer role, Varsha Mahadevan (Microsoft)
  • Volunteering for Your Community and Career, Torrie Adams (Kickboard), Nancy DaSilva (Kickboard), Alba Huddleston (Get Online NOLA), Jacqui Nelson (Mudbug Media), Jaelle Scheuerman (Tulane University)
  • What can I do with a Computer Science Degree?, Sharon Tam (VMware)
  • What do Quality Engineers Do?, Raji Srikantan (
  • What is Product Management All About?, Elham Ghassemzadeh (NetSuite Inc.)
  • White Hat Hackers: Careers in Cybersecurity, Jennie Kam (Cisco Systems, Inc.)
  • Why is a data career a great choice for women, Jin Zhang (CA Technologies)
  • Why you should have a personal server, Jade Wang (Sandstorm Development Group, Inc.)
  • Yes you can! Be a Software Developer: Building Your Career, Kacie Houser (Rackspace), Sara Safavi (Rackspace)
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