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Submission Deadlines 

  • The CFP is open and accepting submissions year-round beginning 3/2.
  • The CFP accepts submissions for various programs including, but not limited to GHC 22.
  • While you are welcome to submit at any time, we have a deadline to be included for GHC 22 consideration.
  • Any submissions received on or before 5/4/2022 at 5 p.m. Pacific will be included for GHC 22 review.
  • Any submissions received after that date will be considered for other opportunities, including future GHCs.

Submission Template 

Use this template to plan out your submission. It contains the same questions that you will need to complete in order to be considered for speaking opportunities. 

Click here to view the template


Paper Template 

This year, we’ve updated the submission form and no longer require a paper proposal in order to be reviewed. However, if you have already written a relevant paper, you can include it in your submission for the reviewers and staff. 

If you do not have a paper and would like to provide additional context, you can use this template here. 

Submission Guidelines and Limitations

Number of Submissions

You may submit up to five (5) CFP submissions.

-Important note: Only one of your submissions can be accepted to GHC 22.

Number of Speakers

If your speaking style and topic works well with multiple speakers, you will have the opportunity to add their information when you complete your form.

-Important note: Any additional names you provide must have agreed to participate prior to completing your submission.

-Important note: Only Participate and Share and Engage and Connect submission formats allow multiple speakers.

Speaker Matching

If you are interested in speaking with more than yourself, but haven’t identified additional participants, let match you!

In the submission form you will be given an option to participate in speaker matching. During the review process, will review submissions of similar topics and match them to create a multi-speaker session.

Important note: If you do not provide additional participant information or elect to participate in speaker matching, your submission will be considered with a single speaker only.

If accepted, you will not be able to add speakers.

Speaker limitations

If you add additional speakers, you are limited to three (3) for a total of four (4) participants.

Submission Formats

The CFP formats have changed in 2022. We offer five (5) formats to pick from and if accepted, we will work with you to determine your session format. View the formats here.

Note: You are limited to one (1) format per submission.

Optional Paper Submission

If you have a paper that you’ve contributed to, you may upload it to your CFP Submission and reviewers will use it when completing their reviews.

If you do not have a paper but would like to provide additional context with your submission, you can use the template linked above.

Note: You are limited to 12 pages

Focus Areas

Your content must fit within one of the focus areas.
Please select the focus area(s) relevant to your topic.

• You may select up to three (3) focus areas.
• If you are selecting more than one focus area, rank the focus areas based on the relevance to your topic (one (1) being most relevant)
• If you are not selecting more than one focus area, select the drop-down and select one (1).


You are required to select at least one (1) keyword.

If your topic spans multiple focus areas and keywords, you may select up to three (3).

Note: If your topic does not fit within the listed keywords, there is an option to select other and type one to three words to describe your topic.

IMPORTANT!! Submitting for review

Once you are ready for your submission to be reviewed, click the “Submit as Complete” button on the submission form.

You will not be able to edit your submission once you submit as complete.

You may save your submission as a draft until you are ready for review

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ACM SRC Submission Requirements 

Submissions for the ACM SRC should describe the results of recently completed or ongoing computer science original research conducted primarily by the individual student. The research project must be new and not published previously. 

Are you an undergraduate or graduate student? 

Undergraduate students may submit a team project, but only one student will receive a complimentary registration to GHC. 

Graduate students may NOT submit a team project; only individual research is accepted. If a graduate student is part of a group research project, they may submit only their individual contribution to that project.

In this case, they may add the name of their research director on their proposal. 

Eligibility criteria

Undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled in a university or college may apply. 

Students must be ACM Members. If you are not an ACM member at the time of submission, you must be one before accepting your place at GHC.

Students may only participate in one ACM SRC per program year (April 1 – March 31).

If you have applied to another ACM SRC but have not been accepted, you may apply for the ACM SRC at GHC the same year. 

No more than three research projects will be accepted from a single department and no more than two of those can be in a single category.

Departments are determined by the location of the research advisor. Please work with your Department Chair to coordinate submissions. 

If your poster is not accepted to be part of the ACM SRC, then it will automatically be considered for the GHC General Poster Session. 


Number of presenters

Only one presenter per poster. 


Technical topics only.


So, you’re interested in speaking at an Event.

What should you do?

We’ve created this checklist to help you through the process.

Submitting to CFP 

January 28 – March 2, 2022

Prepare to apply.

Learn all you can about and our programs, including the Grace Hopper Celebration. 

  • Review the Submission form and helpful information. 

Identify Focus Area(s) that fit your topic. Refer to the submission guidelines for limitations. 

  • Review Submission form and helpful information 

Submitting your CFP form. 

Starting March 2, 2022, at 9 a.m. PT 

New: is moving to a year-round Call for Participation. You may submit for GHC 22 and additional opportunities through one form throughout the year.  

Important note: There is still a deadline to submit for GHC 22 consideration.


Complete your GHC 22 Submission by May 4, 2022 at 5 p.m. PT 

Do NOT click “Submit as Complete” until you are ready for review. You will not be able to edit your submission after this point.

You may save your submission as a draft until you are ready for review

Important note: We do not grant extensions on this deadline. If you submit after this deadline, you will be considered for other opportunities, including future GHCs 


Begins immediately after you submit your CFP form. 


If you select additional opportunities outside of GHC 22, you may be contacted at any time before or after GHC 22 decisions are announced. 

For GHC 22 ONLY: We will send all decisions via email late June.

You will also be able to view the status of your submission by logging in to your Submission Account.

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