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Tag: Security

GHC14: Security: Multiple Presentations – Another Perspective

Finding Doppelgangers: Taking Stylometry to the UndergroundSadia Afroz, UC Berkeley) is using stylometry to find who is interacting on underground forums (cybercrime forums).  You want to figure out what this guys is doing there in the first place…

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GHC14: Passwords with Lorrie Faith Cranor

Lorie Faith Cranor, a professor of Computer Science and of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University.Who knew that Carnegie Mellon had a passwords research TEAM!? (looked to be about 10 people).Lorrie Faith Cranor noted that everyone …

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GHC14: Security: Multiple Talks

With: Morgan Eisler, Shelly Bird, Runa A. SandvikVisualizing Privacy: Using (Usable) Short Form Privacy PoliciesMorgan Eisler, @mogasaur, works at Lookout, a mobile security company.  This year over 2 billion people worldwide use the internet – mo…

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Keeping up With Facebook for GHC 2011

With all of the new features and security options facebook now offers it is difficult to know what your options for staying safe, yet utilizing the social network to its fullest extent. The easiest way to see all of the security features available to…

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