2018 Technical Executive Forum Lightning Talks and Roundtable Discussions

Thank you to all our Lightning Talk Speakers for their impactful presentations at the 2018 Technical Executive Forum (TEF). We recognize there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution to solve the complex issues of incorporating intersectional diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) practices within the tech ecosystem. For this reason, TEF 18 focused on different movements in the technology industry that encourage voices and organizations to catalyze change around workplace culture, cultivate allyship, and create a culture of results.

The TEF 18 series of Lightning Talks and Roundtable Discussions focused on data-driven leadership for strategic transformation, driving transparency, and creating opportunity for intersectional tech ecosystems and movements by tech, for tech. Engage with the following TEF 18 Case Studies to discover different pathways, incorporating technical and DEI perspectives, to bring back to your own organization.

Citi  |  Microsoft  |  New Relic  |  SAP  |  Stitch Fix  |  Target  |  Thomson Reuters

Citi: Creating Access, Equity, and Impact through Big Data + AI

Program/Initiative: eSuccesss.online

eSuccess uses big data technology to build and democratize effective mentorship so that thousands of the world’s children can thrive better in life through stronger soft skills.

Presenter: Yasaman Hadjibashi, Managing Director, Global Consumer Technology and Head of Data and Analytics, Citi


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Microsoft: Gender-Based Reverse Mentoring

Program/Initiative: Reverse Mentorship: An Intersectional Approach to Building Inclusive Organizations

Reverse Mentorship occurs between an early-in-career employee and an employee in mid- to high-level management, where the younger employee serves as a mentor.

Presenters:  Sarah Hubbard, Program Manager, Microsoft; Puja Gubbi, Software Engineer, MicrosoftRoss Smith, Director, Engineering, Microsoft

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New Relic: Pay Equity & Talent Development

Program/Initiative: Leveling the Playing Field: Pay Equity & Talent Development

During a bi-annual performance review process, the company’s Engineering Organization recognized pay discrepancies and hypothesized that they were significant by gender. They were determined to eliminate the bias with help from human resources.

To complement this structural change, the company is also hyperfocused on building talent development programs that provide career training for employees. New Relic explores the impact of programs such as traditional promotions, stretch assignments, exposure to new technologies, and lateral career moves.

Presenters: Kristy Friedrichs, Chief People Officer, New RelicAlex Kroman, Senior Vice President of Engineering, New Relic

Download the New Relic Case Study

SAP: Data-Driven Leadership

Program/Initiative: Data-Driven Leadership: Strategic Accountability for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity and gender balance are critically important to innovation. SAP is taking steps to transform the organization.

Presenters: Shuchi Sharma, Global Vice President and Head of Gender Intelligence and Equality, SAPBrigette McInnis-Day, Chief Operating Officer of Success Factors, SAP


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Stitch Fix: How Diverse Teams Build Better Products

Program/Initiative: Data-Driven Leadership: Strategic Accountability for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Scaling staffing within the engineering team with diversity as a priority; hiring with particular soft skills in mind; and allowing time for creative problem solving have all contributed to Stitch Fix successes. Bright, kind, and goal oriented is the hiring rubric at Stitch Fix. Intentional focus on people and process within engineering has led to meaningful product innovations.

Presenter: Cathy Polinsky, Chief Technology Officer, Stitch Fix

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Target: Propelling More Women into Engineering Leadership

Program/Initiative: Propelling More Women into Engineering Leadership Positions

Target created a 12-month program designed to bring more women and other underrepresented minority groups into engineering leadership positions.



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Thomson Reuters: Gender Partnership Program

Program/Initiative: Gender Partnership

Thomson Reuters was the first organization selected to participate in a pilot program developed by AnitaB.org around gender partnership. Thomson Reuters has a history of successfully engaging in culture change initiatives, and other initiatives for women technologists.

Presenter: Molly Gantz, Senior Director, Talent & Development, Thomson Reuters

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