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Waitlist Process

We have experienced extremely high demand to attend the 2015 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC).  We are excited about the growing enthusiasm for, and commitment to, women in computing. As a result of this interest, registration for GHC has moved to a waitlist. Learn more here.

We are sorry that we cannot accommodate everyone and are aware of the potential concern of those who have not yet registered. We will do our best to take people off the waitlist, but we cannot give any guarantees.

In order to achieve a balance between academia and industry, we will prioritize waitlist requests in the following order:

  • As we find needs for volunteers at GHC, we will invite students from the waitlist to apply to become volunteers
  • Students from schools with no, or very few, current registrations
  • Other students on the waitlist as space is available

Secondly, to facilitate a balance of attendees from different organizations we will prioritize:

  • Individuals from organizations not yet represented at GHC

We anticipate that a relatively small number of people on the waitlist will get the opportunity to register over the next month after we process existing registration codes. Individuals and organizations that have registration codes should register as soon as possible using those codes. All registration codes must be redeemed no later than September 18, 2015, at which time they will expire.  There will be no exceptions.

When existing codes expire on September 18, we anticipate that additional space will free up.

Based on past experience, we anticipate that those who do not fall into one of these prioritized groups may not make it off the waitlist before late September, if at all.

Being on the waitlist does NOT mean that you are registered for GHC. Do not make travel arrangements until you have secured your registration. We will notify people on the waitlist when and if space is available, but until you receive notification and complete the registration process you are NOT registered.