Lin Zhu

Lin is the Co-founder and CFO of Loro Co., an intuitive and inclusive robotics startup developing a smart assistive companion for wheelchair users.

Lin is a junior at Harvard University studying Computer Science and Economics. She is passionate about leveraging the intersection of technology and business to drive impact. Lin worked as a product developer with Google CodeU for a semester and with Infor for a summer. At Harvard, Lin is the Co-chair of the 2020 Harvard Women Engineers Code Conference (WECode), the largest student-run women in CS conference in the country. Lin volunteers as a nationally certified EMT with Harvard’s CrimsonEMS, where she provides emergency medical services to the Cambridge community.

In 2018, Lin co-founded Loro Co. with a team of students at Harvard and MIT. The co-founders first met at a conference inspiring technology for people with ALS. The co-founders asked mentors with ALS, “If we could build anything in the world to make your life easier, what would it be?” A spark turned into a drive that fueled the growth of Loro.

Lin played a huge role in Loro’s initial product development phase, visiting patients’ homes and turning sketches into technical solutions. With Loro, Lin has two patents pending. As the team grew, Lin became passionate about telling Loro’s story to investors and customers in order to help Loro raise capital to carry out the mission. As CFO, in addition to helping Loro become venture-backed, Lin has helped Loro win TechCrunch Berlin Semifinalist, US Microsoft Imagine Cup 3rd Place, Harvard i3 Challenge 1st Place, Harvard CBE Ventures 1st Place. Lin is most excited for Loro’s product launch in 2020, delivering the best product to Loro’s customers.

Based in Boston, Loro Co. is an intuitive and inclusive robotics startup that is developing a smart assistive companion for wheelchair users. Loro was founded in 2018 by a team of Harvard and MIT students upon the shared mission to give people with physical challenges increased ability to Communicate, Control, and Connect with the world. Loro is a game-changer for the 70 million wheelchair users worldwide. Loro will launch the product in 2020. Visit

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