María Celeste Medina

María Celeste Medina

2015 Winner of the Change Agent ABIE Award

María Celeste Medina is the co-founder of Ada IT, a software development and software testing startup based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, focused on generating job opportunities for women. María Celeste is also a Technical Advisor and Code Clubs Coordinator in “Programá Tu Futuro”, a coding initiative launched by the Buenos Aires City Government Coding Initiative. In just one year, she has worked with the Programá Tu Futuro team and has initiated more than 6,000 people in coding: kids, adults, teenagers and senior citizens (of which 30% are women). María Celeste has spoken on national TV about about the importance of having more women in technology in Argentina. She has also communicated this need in popular newspapers and in talks with young girls and the mayor of Buenos Aires. Through Ada IT and Girls in Tech, María has hosted several women in technology events, which have drawn hundreds of women entrepreneurs, university faculty members and city government managers.

Read more María’s work with Ada IT and Programá Tu Futuro here, and learn all about the Change Agent ABIE Awards here.

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