Mandela SH Dixon

Mandela SH Dixon

Mandela SH Dixon began her career in Silicon Valley in 2011 as a startup founder backed by Kapor Capital, 500 Startups, and Imagine K12 (acquired by Y Combinator). She later became the Global Director of Startup Weekend Education (acquired by Techstars), the largest educational technology entrepreneurship initiative in the world.

Mandela was the Founding Portfolio Services Director at the venture firm Kapor Capital, where she supported more than 120 tech startups. She is currently the Founder and CEO of Founder Gym, the leading online training center for underrepresented founders. She is also a recent graduate of First Round Capital’s prestigious Angel Track.

Mandela has shared her frameworks on over 70 stages, including Google, Facebook, Uber, Startup Grind, and Afrotech. She has received several recognitions, including LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in Venture Capital and Startups, Pitchbook’s 25 Black Founders & VCs to Watch, and Medium’s Top 10% of Writers. Forbes also named her in its 30 Under 30 List.

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