Igor Perisic

Igor Perisic

Igor Perisic joined LinkedIn in October 2007 after a brief stay at Microsoft and is currently a Vice President of Engineering. Igor graduated with a Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Mathématiques from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne in Switzerland and holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from Harvard. Through his tenure at LinkedIn, he and his team have developed LinkedIn’s Search Engine, its Real-Time Graph Engine, Relevance infrastructure and worked on personalizing LinkedIn’s site for its members.

Through open source technologies, he and his team have providing LinkedIn’s members with data products, such as like People You May Know or Jobs You May Be Interested In. They have also contributed back to open source technologies with projects such as Kafka, Voldemort or extensions such as ml-ease and many others.

Igor is a data scientist and engineer with a passion for building infrastructure, products and actionable insights with a strong dependency on Data. At LinkedIn, he is focused on applying data science to decision making, product strategy and enhancing our Member experiences. He has also been instrumental in LinkedIn’s outreach to the research community through the recent launch of the Economic Graph Challenge.

A father of three and a husband to a French teacher, he enjoys languages and family walks in the hills of his neighborhood. He has published several scientific articles related to the educational, Biostatistical, data-mining and information retrieval fields. Igor has also been the recipient of numerous awards, including being part of several NSF and NIH funds, and Swiss National Science Foundation grants.

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