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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Data Science  |  Cloud Computing
Design for Digital Experiences  |  Emerging Technologies and Industry Trends
Hardware, Internet of Things, and Edge Original Research  | Open Source  |   Security and Privacy
Transform Service Operations | Technology Driving Social Impact

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Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning(ML), and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science have become the leading, fastest growing and exciting areas in Tech. This track provides a platform for researchers and practitioners in these areas to present and discuss the latest trends, research outcomes, novel tools, practical experiences, and technical challenges. Our aim is to create a high-quality track focused on a few current and thematic domains.

Below is this year’s line-up of impatcful sessions covering the latest in AI, ML and Data Science: Emerging fields / applications for AI; Deploying ML at Scale; Fairness and AI; Solving real world AI problems through Deep learning; AI & Assistance; Healthcare & AI.

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Career360 Career 360

Career 360 focuses on professional development topics on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI), leadership, and management skills that are integral to career advancement. Technologists love logic, programming, and engineering. That said, having a meaningful and successful career demands more than technical skills and expertise. Competencies centered around people, emotions, attitude, intelligence, interactions, inclusion, aspirations, and influence are vital for career progression.

To that end, this year’s sessions present topics on the exciting themes:
—Listening and being open to different viewpoints at work, Acceptance to build resiliency to changes around us, Neuroscience based leadership, and inspirational session that aids from confusion to commitment and clarity.
—Transform into new age technical careers – Technical women experts share the career journey – pivots, risks, and challenges to get into emerging technology careers such as Cybersecurity, Data Scientist, AI/ML, IoT & Cloud.
—Demystifying Technical Program Management as a Career Path on career guidance into this role and growing into a successful leader.

Career Fair

The Career Fair is one of the most appreciated and exciting aspects of the Grace Hopper Celebration India every year! We are happy to announce that the Career Fair will happen on two Fridays, March 5 and March 12 on an all-new virtual platform. At the Career Fair, you will have the opportunity to interact virtually with other attendees and possibly, get an opportunity to interview with a sponsor. By attending vGHCI, you will gain access to the amazing sessions and content, – plus the amazing Career Fair on both days. Click here for more details!

Cloud computing Cloud Computing

Thinking on the lines of building a business then you will find Cloud Computing interesting! The sessions will not only help you gain an insight into how relevant Cloud native management is in handling infrastructural-agnostic solutions, but also, the fact that Cloud is the new growth engine for business.

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digitaldesign Design for Digital Experiences

InDesign for Digital experience is derived from an organization’s customer-facing digital assets. This includes company’s web and mobile sites, mobile applications, in-store digital devices, and wearables that blur the lines between physical and virtual worlds. Digital experience design looks at the whole lifespan of a user’s experience with a service or product through multiple digital touch points, rather than focusing just on a single product or service. 

This track will introduce concepts around:
⁠—Digital experience driving economy
⁠—Design decisions driving product roadmap
⁠—Panel discussion on digital experience driving the scale of economies
⁠—Case studies

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Emerging Tech Emerging Technologies and Industry Trends

Could technology have predicted the outbreak of COVID-19? Does industry drive technology or does technology disrupt industries? Will hyper-space travel happen in your lifetime? If these and similarly intriguing, futuristic questions prey on your mind – you are one of those technologists whose insights, views, and opinions are what this track is all about and provides a forum to highlight such emerging trends across Technology and Industry.

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Hardware Hardware, Internet of Things, and Edge

In this age of digital transformation, IoT, Hardware, and Edge Computing spearhead the industry disruption and create new opportunities. IoT drives widespread connectivity and generates huge volumes of data, creating a need for specialized Hardware for storage and processing of data at the edge. Edge computing delivers the decentralized complement to today’s hyperscale cloud and legacy data centres.

2021 has innovative topics including Quantization in the Edge AI, Lidar, Hardware RTL-RTL formal verification & Predictive maintenance with digital twin across all facets of IoT, Hardware and Edge as a complete story. Participate and be part of the learning experience.

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Original Research Original Research ( India in Collaboration with IEEE Women in Engineering (WiE))

Research is fundamental to science and technology. The insights and innovations that it brings in, helps us grow, think of things differently and keeps us abreast of changes around us. The Original Research track has an exciting line up of researchers, academicians, professional, practitioners, and students who will present interesting original, high quality empirical and theoretical research papers (IEEE published).

This year’s sessions are on the subtopics:
— Networks
— Cyber Security
— Data Science
— Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

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Open Source Open Source

In the Open source track, speakers will share their learnings and insights on using, maintaining, or developing open source. Open source has become mainstream with the rapid adoption of open source business-models by the market. Many big companies are embracing enterprise grade open source software to achieve portability and cost reduction. Startups are also building business models around open source software. The open source community guides the adoption of technology in the open source ecosystem.

Join us to learn from the industry Open source experts to know:
—Can open source help in the adoption of emerging technologies such as blockchain?
—How corporates adopt OpenSource to accelerate the development
—How to discover and re-define Kafka’s horizontal Scaling Limits

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GHCI posters Posters

One of the most exciting ways to get an insight into some of the most riveting tech ideas and original research in an informal manner at vGHCI is by attending the Poster sessions. Visit the iPosters gallery that exhibits the interactive, multimedia Poster Presentations in the virtual poster area of the Celebration.

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Meet Our vGHCI Poster Winners:

Student Posters

—First Prize: Health monitoring system using human-centered design patterns [Unma Desai, Sanya Shaikh]
—Second Prize: Connected Vehicles using LoRa [Aiswarya Padma B]
—Third Prize: Covid – 19 Screening Kiosk [Poornima  M, Menny Thankachan]

General Posters

—First Prize: Learning made fun and interactive using marker based multiplayer AR! [Cyril Sophia Lawrence, Nandhini Rajkumar]
—Second Prize:  mAI- AI Based Solution for Pregnant and New Moms [Apoorva U K Shetty]
—Third Prize: Extending Home Assistants to Detect Earthquakes through Seismic Waves [Pranavi Jalapati, Satya Naraparaju]

scholarships Scholarships

Virtual Grace Hopper Celebration India is a wonderful opportunity for women students to start a great career in technology. This could be your chance to learn, network, and get inspired at the largest gathering of women technologists in Asia!

We have offered vGHCI Student Scholarships for this year’s virtual GHCI. Student Scholars will have the opportunity to meet some of the top names in Tech, through an interactive virtual Career Fair. Get your resumes ready!

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Security and Privacy Security and Privacy

This track covers one of the essential aspects of business solutions and operations of today. We have many engineers and researchers to share the latest technology trends, techniques, pioneering practices, tools, learnings, and challenges in the field of security and privacy.

Join the sessions in this track, to enrich your knowledge on the following:
—Necessity and procedure to implement SSI, the next generation Identity model, on all applications to improve Security.
—How to implement real time threat detection with KSQL and ML model, to accelerate remediation of incidents
—Learn the present trends on how to mitigate insider threats and the future works for research
—Experience with Zero Trust scenarios from experts
—An approach to achieve Cyber resilience against current and future threats considering the new normal remote working.

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Automation Transform Service Operations

The role of technology in services and operations has immense potential. Technology can transform services to create value in completely new ways. For many companies, service automation/innovation is the key to differentiating themselves from competitors and integrating their businesses with suppliers, regulators, customers, and end users. Advances in information technology have helped in rapid scaling of service automation/innovations in health, education, government, finance, hospitality, retail, communications, telecom, transportation, energy, utilities, and even in advanced agricultural and manufacturing systems viewed as socio-technical systems.

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Tech Driving Social Impact Technology Driving Social Impact

In today’s world, technology-based solutions focusing on the alleviation of societal problems are able to deliver life-changing outcomes for individuals and communities. Critical problems like poverty eradication, access to education, providing good sanitation, affordable housing, tackling climatic change, and depletion of natural resources can be solved using technological advancements.

Attend these very meaningful and impactful sessions on: Tech revolutions in the Waste Management Industry; Disrupting India’s Social Problems Through Technology; Building Digital Twin of the Planet and more!

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Tech Talks Tech Talks
A popular track featuring collection of thought-provoking sessions presented by industry and technology experts bringing together the finest minds redefining technology and product innovation, to build conversation on the new frontiers of technology. The pandemic hasn’t stopped us, in fact, it has energized us and we bring thought invoking multiple niches and deep-dive sessions on technology, platforms, and its impact on business, unraveling the future Technology 2021. Log in to the virtual world of technology where the world’s best minds will be streaming their vision and will be sharing their thoughts on the latest trends and ideas in technology, usages, and challenges in a crisp and engaging way. This year’s Tech Talks will provide fresh perspective on how Technology is playing a pivot role in fields of Data Science, Gamification, Policy of Social Platform, AgriTech, Fashion Industry, Healthcare, Socio Economy, Arts, Cybersecurity, CI/CD, AI ML, Civic Bodies and Programming – thus inspiring more women to choose technology careers, play an active role in creating technology products as entrepreneurs and move the needle further, in bridging the gender gap at the workplace.
Workshop Tech Workshops

Tech Workshops is an exclusive track designed to offer workshops across varied technology areas. The purpose of the workshops is to provide participants with hands-on opportunities to learn and experience active and emerging topics of Technology.

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Thank you to our Leadership and Program Committee.

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Tech Pathways Tech Pathways

This is a new program introduced this year that provides end-to-end facilitation for women technologists seeking career path change at any point in their career in the world of technology in Artificial Intelligence, Data Sciences, and Machine Learning.

The finalists from this program will have an opportunity to present at the vGHCI Celebration. This will also be a by-invite session.

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tech products iConnect
An exclusive session by a sponsor to present technology topics specific to their organization. Leading organizations will showcase their exciting technologies. The sessions will cover how technology supports the business; how organizations and their experts overcome a myriad of challenges to enable growth and create success stories. Spanning across different industries, domains, and geographies, these sessions will leave the audience with a rich insight into how technology is leveraged to resolve real world challenges.
Woman speaking Women in Leadership
Women in Leadership track at vGHCI is focused on senior women technologists with over 20 years of work experience with curated sessions designed to address the needs specific to their career paths. This is also a great opportunity to meet women leaders from other organizations and network. Admission for invited attendees only.

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