Amy Haderer

Amy is a childbirth assistant (doula), artist, birth activist, mother of six, and founder of Motherboard Birth. Ever since the birth of her first daughter, Amy has been passionate about guiding families through the challenging landscape of their birth experience.

For over a decade, Amy has provided hands-on support to hundreds of families during the childbearing year. Amy saw a need for better education and better communication between parents and their care team. She is passionate about helping parents understand their options and make decisions based on the best available information.

Amy is passionate about reducing disparities in maternal health outcomes by building tools for parents and providers, and a platform to connect the two.

The U.S. is a maternal health system in crisis:

  • One out of three babies are born by cesarean (two to three times what the World Health Organization recommends).
  • One out of three women describing their births as "traumatic."
  • Maternal mortality rates are the worst of the developed world and are climbing (three to four times higher for women of color).

Amy's goal may seem audacious, but Motherboard's high tech/high touch platform is a timely tool as the U.S. examines the complexity of maternal health.

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