Amy-Willard Cross

Amy-Willard Cross

Amy-Willard Cross is the Founder of the Gender Fair Index, which performs independent data analysis of industry-leading companies’ commitment to gender equality, allowing consumers to make educated purchase decisions. In 2015, Foreign Policy named her a Global Thinker for her work on  “Economic Girl Power.” In 2016, she was invited to join Clinton Global Initiative.

Prior to founding the Gender Fair Index, Amy created VITAMIN W Media, women’s news site which rates women’s and co-ed colleges. She also conducted a re-branding contest campaign for feminism, and co-created the Add Feminism campaign.

For 20 years, Amy worked as an editor and writer for national publications in Canada and the U.S., writing features, essays, and reviews, as well as authoring two books and working on TV shows. While in her 20's, she developed the first magazine for midlife women for the publishers of SHAPE. An honors graduate of Wellesley, Amy maintained her family's tradition of attending women’s colleges since the 1880’s. She is named for Frances Willard, a friend and comrade of her great-grandmother.

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