GHC 18 Featured Speaker: Emily Chang

GHC 18 Featured Speaker: Emily Chang

Emily Chang's journalism career has led her all around the world. She started as an intern at the local television station in her home state of Hawaii, and eventually landed her first job reporting on-camera in Honolulu. She later moved to London and then to Beijing to work for CNN, covering major stories such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics and President Barack Obama's visit to Asia. In 2010, Bloomberg offered Emily the opportunity to launch a show covering technology in San Francisco. Emily eagerly took the job, and has never looked back.

"I love being on the front lines of the industry that's changing the world more than any other," Emily said. "I get to talk to some of the smartest and most influential people, and I learn something new in every conversation I have with them."

In addition to being the anchor and executive producer of "Bloomberg Technology," Emily is also the author of the national bestseller Brotopia: Breaking Up the Boys' Club of Silicon Valley. In the book, she explores the many problems and obstacles that affect those in the tech field, specifically the lack of gender equity.

"Although tech has an incredible power to democratize, equalize, and progress the human race, it can also lead to increasing inequality and lack of diversity," Emily explained. "That's why we need people from all backgrounds to have a voice in the products and services that are so rapidly changing the world."

"A Meaningful Conversation"

Emily admits the idea of writing Brotopia book was originally daunting, and she considers it to be the biggest challenge of her career so far.

"I had decided to take on a subject that's like a minefield: the underrepresentation of women in technology," Emily said. "I knew I had to be fairly critical of people and organizations responsible for perpetuating this imbalance."

To ensure her book was as accurate and informative as possible, Emily gathered a considerable amount of data and interviewed more than 200 engineers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The book is full of examples of sexism and harassment that women have faced and continue to face in the tech field. However, Emily also provides solutions for tech leaders to take in order to change the toxic work cultures within their organizations.

"I believe the book has started a meaningful conversation about how we can make change," Emily said. "I am so glad I decided to take this risk."

Helping Women in Tech Move Forward

Emily will be joining us as a featured speaker at the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC 18) in Houston, where she will discuss her work and the importance of supporting women in tech.

"I believe the progress of women in both technology and the broader workforce is one of the most important issues of our time," Emily said. "Grace Hopper Celebration plays a critical role in recognizing the achievements of women, and in laying down the tracks for women to continue to push forward.

"Keep breaking down the walls you run into," Emily encourages women in or entering the tech field. "The technology industry needs input from women. Let's change the world together."


Attending #GHC18? @emilychangtv, author of #brotopia, will discuss the misrepresentation of women in technology and address the ways we can start changing the world together. This session occurs Friday, September 28 at 10:30 a.m., and will feature a moderated Q&A. Register for this session now.

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