#GHC15 Career Fair Resources

I’ve received a ton of positive responses and I wanted to send out a warm thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read through my ramblings. 

This Tuesday 9/29/15, the weekly Twitter chat (5 p.m. CST) will be over Resume/Interview tips. What a perfect opportunity to unveil something I worked on today.

I mentioned downloading the Career Fair Guide before in my Tips to help you be sucessful at the Career Fair . Then I had this rad idea. 


Let’s throw *almost* everything in the Career Fair Guide in a spreadsheet

It’ll make it easier to read and people could go through and filter to their hearts desire! I kept it super simple and to the point. I used the Career Fair Guide as reference. 

While I’m here, the following resources might interest you! 

Interview Prep, Tips on Crafting your Elevator Speech, Stuff I keep in my Portfolio, AND for my fellow fashionistas Outfit ideas on none other than Pinterest. 

oh! and Charna poined out that Moo business cards are 25% off through September 30th. Go and make uber snazzy business cards. 


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