#GHC19: Mentoring Circles vs. Speed Mentoring

#GHC19: Mentoring Circles vs. Speed Mentoring

Looking for mentors to help you further your career? You're in luck! At GHC, we offer two unique sessions: Mentoring Circles and Speed Mentoring. Learn more about them and which one best suits your needs.

Mentoring Circles

Wednesday, October 2, 11:30 a.m.—12:40 p.m.,  1—2:15 p.m. (repeat)

This interactive mentoring session is a great opportunity for you to receive tips on job searching, interviews, and furthering your career. Taking place in a large room with about 50 tables, each table is hosted by a mentor focusing on a particular topic. Attendees choose a topic, sit at the corresponding table, and chat with a mentor for 20 minutes. Every 20 minutes, attendees switch tables and chat with another mentor on a different topic.

The Mentoring Circles session:

  • has table topics which are pre-determined by the mentors.
  • involves a 9:1 or 8:2 mentee/mentor ratio.

Read this blog post from a GHC 18 attendee about her experience at last year's Mentoring Circles session.

Speed Mentoring

Wednesday, October 2, 3—5:30 p.m.

The Speed Mentoring session, organized by the Anita|Bees committee, matches attendees with mentors from several disciplines in both industry and academia for fast-paced discussions of the attendees' choosing. Attendees get an opportunity to connect with a new mentor every 20 minutes during the 2-hour session. Bring your resume for mentors to review during 1:1 lightning rounds.

The Speed Mentoring session:

  • allows mentees to drive the conversation and ask questions on a topic of their choice.
  • involves a 3:1 or 1:1 mentee/mentor ratio.

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