Grace Hopper Conference 2015, Here I come!

Two years ago, I wrote this post in my other blog after I accidently came across Grace Hopper – Thanks to Google Doodle. Today I am extremely thrilled to be a part of Grace Hopper Conference  2015. It so happens that Sheryl Sandberg (whom I admire a lot) will be speaking as well.

I am also excited to get to work on an Open Source Project in Code for Humanity, that is happening as a part of #GHC15 along with volunteering as a Community Blogger and Tweeter for GHC this year!

There are going to be 12,000 participants in GHC this year and I feel great to be a part of this amazing and inspiring conference.

Special thanks to WiCS, Computer Science Department of North Carolina State University for awarding me scholarship for GHC15 :-)

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