GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Ad Promotes GHC 17

GoDaddy’s Super Bowl Ad Promotes GHC 17

GoDaddy was once notorious for its raunchy and sexist Super Bowl ads, but the company has worked hard to change its image and promote diversity and women in technology. In fact, GoDaddy released a press release stating their new Super Bowl commercial will even feature a shot of a GHC 17 pin on a backpack.

“[GoDaddy’s] CEO, Blake Irving, called me and said it was important to them,” explained Telle Whitney, president and CEO of She says the GHC reference is a welcome contrast to “the history of Super Bowl ads that were not very welcoming to women, so to speak.”

We’re glad to see GoDaddy promoting women in tech and look forward to working with them in the future.

Read the full Fortune article here.
For more information, check out Advertising Age and GoDaddy’s press release.

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