Mai Abualkas Temraz

Mai Abualkas Temraz

2015 Winner of the Change Agent ABIE Award

Mai Abualkas Temraz, winner of the Change Agent ABIE Award, is the Mentorship & Women’s Inclusivity Program Coordinator at Gaza Sky Geeks (GSG), Gaza’s first startup accelerator and co-working hub. Mai’s interest in entrepreneurship began through her interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields. She is the first Palestinian female licensed amateur radio operator. In 2013, she founded the Amateur Club, a training center and maker space that engages young minds in learning STEM. In 2014, she became a TechWomen Emerging Leader, and in 2015, she was awarded the best entry level STEM Executive at the Women in STEM conference in Dubai. Mai is a Global Tech Leader representing Palestine, and a member of the Arab Women in Computing (ArabWIC) Mentorship Committee. She holds a BS in Communications Engineering from the Islamic University, the top university in Gaza.

Learn more about Mai’s work to empower women in Gaza’s budding tech community here.