Congratulations to Our GHC 18 Scholars

Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC) is the perfect opportunity for students to gain the resources they need to help them thrive in their careers, and for faculty to learn how best to help their students reach their goals. With so many sessions aimed specifically at academics, GHC is a life-changing experience that they won’t want to miss. To help as many people as possible attend the Celebration, and our sponsoring organizations provide hundreds of scholarships each year to undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty in computing and tech. These scholarships cover registration, travel, hotel, and meals, allowing our scholars to take advantage of everything GHC has to offer.

This year, we are sending a total of 867 student scholars to GHC 18, 108 of whom are international students. These students range from undergraduate students in their first year of college to graduate students earning their doctorate degrees. We offer plenty of sessions to meet the varying needs of these students, from our CRA-W sessions on thriving in graduate school to our Mentoring Circles where students can get quality career advice specific to their needs.

Our student scholars also come from diverse backgrounds. This year, we have scholars representing 53 different countries and 45 U.S. states. You can also see a breakdown of the race and ethnicity of our accepted scholars in the chart below. We will be hosting numerous networking socials to celebrate our diverse groups of women technologists.

Race/Ethnicity Number of Student Scholars* Percentage of Student Scholars**
African or African American/Black 119 14.58%
Alaska Native or American Indian/Native American 14 1.72%
Asian or Asian-American 355 43.50%
European or Euro-American/White 317 38.85%
Hispanic or Latinx 114 13.97%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 11 1.35%
Underrepresented Minority*** 258 31.62%
Women of Color**** 613 75.12%


We are also sending 50 faculty scholars to GHC, where they will learn how to further their careers as well as how to increase diversity within their departments. We will likewise offer multiple sessions aimed specifically at faculty, which you can view in our online schedule. You can view the race and ethnicity breakdown of our faculty scholars below.

Race/Ethnicity Number of Faculty Scholars* Percentage of Faculty Scholars**
African or African American/Black 10 13.64%
Alaska Native or American Indian/Native American 2 9.09%
Asian or Asian-American 13 22.73%
European or Euro-American/White 25 54.55%
Hispanic or Latinx 7 22.73%
Underrepresented Minority*** 19 36.0%
Women of Color**** 32 59.0%


Congratulations to all of our GHC 18 Scholars! We can’t wait to meet you in Houston! Check out our Student and Faculty Scholars page to learn more about them.


*Numbers are based on scholars’ self-reported information. Those who indicated more than one race or ethnicity are counted in both categories.

**Percentages do not add up to 100 because scholars were able to select more than one category.

***Includes any scholar who selected African or African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and/or Native American.

****Includes any scholar who selected African or African American/Black, Asian or Asian American, Hispanic/Latinx, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and/or Native American.