Asha Owens

Asha Owens

Asha is the Co-founder and CEO of BestFit, a company whose mission is to close the gap in college decision-making and create a clearer, more defined path to college and career. Asha co-founded BestFit during her time at Teachers College (Columbia University), where she earned her master’s degree in Instructional Technology & Media. Since graduation, Asha and her co-founder have won NYU’s Algorithm for Change (Ideation Tier), been named Fellows at 4.0 Schools, and graduated from Monarq Incubator.

BestFit is a web application that modernizes information sharing between students and colleges. It disrupts college recruiting with design and storytelling, empowering students to identify colleges best equipped to support their success.

BestFit’s mission is to close the gap in college decision-making and create a clearer, more defined path to college. BestFit is designed to make college search fun, simple, and equitable for students, while enabling colleges to engage with — and personalize their messaging for — the new generation of college students.

BestFit introduces emotion and active learning to the online college search experience: these are factors that influence decision-making and college outcomes, yet are often missing from the online experience. BestFit provides the engagement of social media apps, the data available in traditional college search apps, and the educational and motivational elements of in-person advising.

Asha is a product engineer and full-stack web developer committed to building equitable, community-centered education technologies. She has helped design a virtual-reality experience at the American Museum of Natural History, coordinated Brown University’s summer program dedicated to empowering young women in computer science, and was awarded Palantir’s Women in Engineering Scholarship.

Asha is a member of /dev/color, a founder in Dorm Room Fund’s Blueprint Project, a semi-finalist for the 2019 Camelback Education Fellowship, and was named one of 28 Emerging & Inspirational Black Leaders in Edtech by LearnLaunch. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Brown University.

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