Eva Ho

Prior to Fika, Eva was a founding General Partner at Susa Ventures. She is a serial entrepreneur and founder, most recently a Founding Executive at Factual, a leading location data provider in Los Angeles. Prior, she was a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Google and YouTube for five years. Prior to Google, she was the Head of Marketing for Applied Semantics, a company that sold to Google in 2003. In 2008, she co-founded Navigating Cancer, a health startup, which is now based in Seattle. She is active in the nonprofit sector, serving on the boards of California Community Foundation, Ocean Conservancy, First Descents, and Iridescent. She is currently the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the city of Los Angeles, working with Mayor Eric Garcetti and his team.

In her spare time, you can find her wandering remote geo coordinates, with a special affinity for cold, inhospitable places. Almost always, she is accompanied by her trusty camera and a backpack too large for her frame.

Eva holds an MBA from Cornell and a bachelor’sdegree from Harvard.

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