Lisa Cochran

Lisa Cochran

Lisa Cochran is the Head of Operations Digitization and Technology in the Global Consumer Technology (GCT) group at Citi. In this role, Lisa partners with leadership teams across the Global Consumer Bank to create seamless experiences for customers by optimizing processes and technology. Lisa and her team are focused on creating a platform for an enhanced digital experience and more meaningful touchpoints with customers. Lisa works closely with Enterprise Operations and Technology partners to align on our automation agenda, enterprise tooling, and capability sharing across the firm.

Lisa has experience leading healthcare, financial, and payments technology groups, with her most recent role being Head of Sales, Servicing, Operations, and Digital Technology at Humana. In this role, Lisa evolved the web and mobile applications in addition to the IVR and telephony channels, allowing Humana members to enroll in products and obtain services with greater simplicity. Prior to this, Lisa was the Vice President of Payment and Commerce Technology and Customer Care Operations at Softcard, an organization acquired by Google that was progressive in the mobile payments space. Lisa also held a variety of roles during her 17-year tenure at Bank of America within the Global Consumer Banking, Credit Cards, and Mortgage business lines.

Lisa has been a driving force behind initiatives encouraging women to pursue careers in technology at her previous organizations and within her community, promoting Women in IT programs like “Hour of Code” and “Code like a Girl.” Lisa graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

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