Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee

Lisa Lee is the Vice President of Global Culture, Belonging, and People Growth at DoorDash, the nation’s largest and fastest-growing on-demand platform for door-to-door delivery. Lisa will oversee Employee Experience, Diversity & Inclusion, and Learning & Development efforts, weaving together these three critical areas to create an interconnected strategy for DoorDash’s employees.

She joins DoorDash from Squarespace, where she led the creation of its first diversity and inclusion strategy. Before Squarespace, Lisa served as Pandora Media’s first Director of Diversity and Inclusion Strategies, where she led Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Experience and Marketing, Giving, and University/EDU programs.

During her tenure, she built and executed Pandora’s overarching diversity strategy. Balking the norm, Lisa led the company to publish its workforce demographic data as one of the first ten publicly-traded tech companies to do so, and just three years later, was one of the few companies to publicly announce measurable diversity goals. Numbers aside, Lisa architected a winning employee culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion at its core, and it reflects outwardly in Pandora’s business strategy. Pandora’s diverse and inclusive culture has been ranked as one of the top themes by employees when asked, “What do you love about Pandora’s culture and what are we doing well?”

Prior to joining Pandora, Lisa was at Facebook where she led initiatives in User Operations, Product Operations, and Diversity Programs. She served as the publisher of Hyphen magazine, an award-winning publication about Asian American arts, culture, and politics, co-founded Thick Dumpling Skin, a positive body image community for the Asian American community. Most recently, she co-launched The Margin, making space for people of color at conferences around the world.

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