Puja Gubbi

Puja Gubbi

Puja Gubbi has been a Software Engineer at Microsoft for the last two years, and has most recently been working on Power BI. She loves working on D&I projects. In addition to the reverse mentoring program, she has worked with staff at UT Austin (hook ‘em) to figure out how to more effectively recruit and retain a diverse student body. She has also been an intern leader at Microsoft, and volunteered at AnitaB.org Community events.

Puja is interested in how tech can help underserved communities, and has conducted research about the digital divide in Austin, Texas. She has also worked at a microloan nonprofit that provides loans to entrepreneurs in these communities. She looks forward to being involved in and seeing all the change and progress that the industry will experience in the future.

In her free time, Puja enjoys hiking the beautiful Pacific Northwest and attending as many live music shows as she can.

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