GHC 2016 – how awesome will it be?

I remember seeing a news post about Grace Hopper celebration with about 600 women techies a few years ago (yes it was in hundreds and not in thousands like today). I wondered what the hoopla is all about and what did these women do at this event.

I have been attending Grace Hopper celebration for last 2 years (both times sponsored by my employer, thanks to Pivotal and LinkedIn). I have been energized every year I have visited. Meeting like minded people, sharing stories and learning about amazing work done by amazing women has been empowering.

Last year, my favorite was meeting male colleagues. It was a great feeling to have men join the celebration.  I am believer that most important part of this journey is male allies.

I am looking forward to giving back to GHC this year with my time. I am mentoring teams at Open Source Day and contributing to GHC community blog.

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